Thursday, September 8, 2011

Next generation RO water purifiers

It will not be an exaggeration if I say that RO water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes are all next generation systems. Most of the people in my neighborhood and most of my relatives are using RO water purifiers from this company. No wonder what I have read on web about Eureka Forbes having over 8 million users is no doubt true. The count is only increasing by the day, I must say. One of the most selling RO water purifiers from this company is Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+. We have been using it for over two years now. My next door neighbor recently bought it dialing the Eureka Forbes customer care number - 3988 3333. He has been seeing us using it all these months. The water in our area is hard; whoever has sent sample of tap water for test at the nearest lab has got a recommendation in the test report of using reverse osmosis water purifiers. And it is Eureka Forbes that is ruling the roost here.

Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+ is the next generation system. One of the most important features worth mentioning is incorporation of the latest 3G technology that electronically enhances the membrane life. After all, quality and life of the RO membrane matters much. During the purification process not only physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants but also tough new-age contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and lead get removed. It is priced at Rs. 13,990 - cheapest amid RO water purifiers of other brands.