Thursday, January 26, 2012

Low budget pure water filters from Eureka Forbes

There can be no better pure water filters in India than the series offered by Eureka Forbes. Maintaining a habit of drinking safe water should be the objective in every household. Yes, healthy drinking water matters for a healthy life. Unfortunately, not every household in India uses an advanced water filter. Though awareness about consuming safe water is spread on a large scale, yet many a home lacks access to healthy drinking water. And then there are areas where water is scarce.

Conventional purification systems cannot ensure flow of safe water from the faucet. Pollution levels have increased alarmingly and 80 percent of the diseases caused are due to the pollutants present in water.

Many are driven by the notion that advanced pure water filters in India are expensive. But it is not. There are low budget pure water filters in India from the house of Eureka Forbes that run without electricity and require no tap water as well. Eureka Forbes caters to the need of all sections of the society making available healthy drinking water for all. Get your pure water filter from Eureka Forbes and start drinking safe water.

I have come across a neighbor who, as part of social responsibility, donates at least two pure water filters a month to the needy. His choice is either the AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet or AquaSure Xtra, both low budget systems but guarantee purification effectiveness. Flow of safe water from the faucets is assured; they require no running water or electricity.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AquaGuard RO water purifiers - epitomes of groundbreaking technologies

AquaGuard Total ENHANCE, AquaGuard Total Reviva, AquaGuard Total Atom – which of the AquaGuard RO water purifiers from Eureka Forbes do you want to buy? Though each is the best in terms of purification effectiveness, technology incorporated, quality, and features, yet it will be wise on your party to visit to browse through the features and specifications of each. You can view the price as well. This will help you take the right buying decision. AquaGuard RO water purifiers are a big hit in the Indian market. Over 8 million mothers have relied on Eureka Forbes water purifiers and the count is increasing by the day. The company has upheld its promise of delivering the best since its inception in the year 1982. Newer water purifiers developed in sync with the contemporary and futuristic trends and technologies are added to the existing portfolio. If today, you come across three AquaGuard RO water purifiers, tomorrow you will come across more and newer ones.

The aforesaid RO water purifiers from Eureka Forbes are epitomes of groundbreaking technologies. You will find no RO system in the market that lets you save 30 percent of water which otherwise gets wasted during the purification process. Total ENHANCE helps you save it. You thus save precious water. And then the AquaGuard Total Reviva has created much buzz in the RO water purifiers segment with its reverse osmosis plus reviva technology. This feature helps in the removal of harmful lead, a cause of brain damage in young children.

Monday, January 23, 2012

AquaGuard Hi-flow water purification system

So, you wanted a water purification system that also preserves essential minerals. AquaGuard Hi-flow is your right system. It comes equipped with a mineral preserver system besides E-boiling+ technology and intelligent purity sensor system. This innovative water purifier ensures what the water you and your family drink is pure and safe. You gain a competitive advantage on the cost factor; it is priced at a meager Rs. 9,490. Investing on the AquaGuard Hi-flow water purification system is investing on your health in the truest sense.

The advantage of the intelligent purity sensor system in AquaGuard Hi-flow water purifier is that it continuously scans the water. Till the system is without any problem, you get pure water continuously. In case a problem crops up, the sensor works to stop the mechanism. You get no water which means that you need to call the Eureka Forbes executive for service support. E-boiling+ technology in this UV water purifier destroys all disease-causing micro organisms. You get water that is as pure as water boiled for 20 minutes. Another feature worth mentioning in this water purification system is its high flow rate - 3 liters per minute. You get more water in short time. Well it again depends on input water pressure. Precious minerals and nutrients are retained in the water and this happens with the mineral preserver system. The electronic impulses produced during the purification process helps prevent scaling of the quartz tube, ensuring its long life. Dial 3988 3333 to order this water purifier.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aquaguard Ultra – One of the most popular water purifiers

You cannot think of leading a healthy life without use of water purifier systems. From the very simple and relatively inexpensive to the sophisticated ones, buyers will only be spoilt for choices. Of course, simple ones will cost less compared to the sophisticated ones. When opting for a reputed company like Eureka Forbes, it doesn’t matter whether you buy a simple or sophisticated one. All water purifiers from Eureka Forbes guarantee purification effectiveness. In the low budget category, one of the most used water purifier systems from Eureka Forbes is the Aquaguard Ultra. The specialty about this system is that it filters impurities even in the molecular range, including bacteria, virus, cysts, etc. It comes equipped with an ultra filtration membrane with 0.01 micron pore size that acts as a molecular sieve. Price of this purifier is only Rs. 5,990.
Eureka Forbes has a range of low-cost water purifiers that require no electricity to run them. The Aquaguard Ultra belongs to this category. It has a high storage capacity of 8 litres and works even with loft tanks. With dimensions (W x D x H) at 320 x 275 x 410 mm and weighing 5.5 kg, its design aesthetics complement with the modern kitchen d├ęcor.

Purification of this water purifier system happens in four stages involving use of four filter cartridges, viz. sediment filter, pre carbon, UF membrane (as aforementioned) and post carbon. Life of the filters is around 6000 liters. You thus get pure water from the faucet for months together.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Home water purifier and RO system price

So, you reside in an area that has high levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) and you must be already familiar with the reverse osmosis purification concept. A home water purifier is a must-use for every home given the alarming pollution levels and with 80 percent of the diseases being water borne. And your home water purifier can be any of UV, storage, blends, UF, RO and other mechanisms. Compared to all purification mechanisms, blends and RO water purifier price may be high. But ultimately what matters is purification effectiveness. Water flowing from the faucet of your home water purifier should be absolutely safe and pure.
One RO water purifier worth mentioning here is the AquaSure Elegant RO. This electrical appliance comes equipped with advanced technology that helps the water rid of all contaminants during the five stage purification process. All AquaSure systems including the AquaSure Elegant RO are available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets. This RO water purifier price is blueprinted at Rs. 10,990. Well do not go by the price; you may come across cheaper RO water purifier price options. What should be given more priority are the incorporated technology, quality, features, specifications and above all purification effectiveness. Most people consider reputation of the brand. This is because reputed brands that have maintained years of market dominance will never compromise on quality and technology. Such a brand will have millions of satisfied users of its products with an ever increasing count.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pure water and AquaSure storage water purifiers

100 percent chemical free purification giving not just safe but pure water, double storage in top and bottom containers with total storage of 20 liters, natural shut off thereby monitoring purification and gradually shutting off when the useful life is over – these are about this low-cost highly effective water purifier from Eureka Forbes called AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet. This water purifier conforms to IS: 10500 – 1991 standards. No bacteria, no virus, no cyst; what you get is only pure water for a healthy life. Yes, it again not only gets the water ridden of disease causing micro organisms; all other new age pollutants also get eliminated. You can always expect to get pure water from the faucet. One point to be noted here is about the filter cartridge. It becomes ineffective once the water purifier filters around 750 litres of water. So, to get continuous pure water, do get it changed once you have purified the aforesaid quantity.

This water purifier requires no boiling, no electricity, and no running water. So, worry not if you do not receive running water. It is priced meagerly – Rs. 1,990.

Another low cost highly effective water purifier worth mentioning that facilitates flow of completely pure water from the faucet is AquaSure Xtra. It is priced at only Rs. 1,490. Cartridge life is 1500 litres. At 18 litres storage capacity, it comes with a four stage purification process. To have a detailed look at the description and features of this and more purifiers, visit

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pure water and water purifiers

If you watch ads on TV, web, and the print media, you will come across water purifiers of different brands that promise flow of pure water from the faucets. Use of water purifiers is a must to lead a disease-free life.

When we speak about pure water and water purifiers, one company that flashes in the minds of one and all is of course Eureka Forbes. And one purification system worth mentioning is the AquaGuard Total Duo. This revolutionary RO+UV water purifier comes equipped with an advanced 6-stage purification process. What flows from the faucet is absolutely safe and pure water. While RO mechanism helps in elimination of disease causing micro organisms, lead, pesticides, heavy metals, excess TDS and other contaminants, UV technology automatically purifies the water periodically to prevent recontamination. UV purification also rids the water of micro organisms. Ensure availability of pure water using this purification system.

One feature makes the AquaGuard Total Duo unique amid the other water purifiers in the market. Of course, each of the water purifiers from Eureka Forbes is worth the buy. The unique feature in the Total Duo is its intelligent interface, i.e. four intelligent indicators for added convenience of getting pure water always. In case the UV lamp fails, the UV LED blinks. The power indicator illuminates to indicate faultless functioning of the electrical circuit. Purification begins after 30 seconds, once the switch is put on, if everything is fine. The tank full indicator illuminates to indicate when the tank is full.