Thursday, August 26, 2010

The latest in water purifiers by Eureka Forbes

Have you ever come across water purifiers that are very trendy, and fashionable? Of course, this aspect is less important than the purification technique involved but when you get all parameters perfectly blended in the water purification systems, the search for the ultimate system stops. The latest amid the water purifiers by Eureka Forbes to hit the market is the AquaSure 3PCTi. This purifier is aesthetically designed besides being equipped with the most advanced purification technique and a host of related features.

Eureka Forbes is already a renowned name in the water purification systems segment. All its purification systems have been well accepted by the people; it is a blend of the technique and features marked by innovation that are the selling points. Today, Eureka Forbes water purifiers are used in millions of home across the country.

The AquaSure 3PCTi is accoutered with the following features:
• PCT for 100% chemical free purification
• Natural shut off when the useful life is over
• Double storage in top and bottom containers - total storage of 20 liters
• Removes all disease causing bacteria, virus and cysts
• Ensures complete freedom from all hassles of boiling
• No electricity required to run the water purification system
• It doesn’t require continuous tap water supply.

When these water purifiers needs no electricity or tap water supply, the advantage of using it even in areas where such facilities are not there, is well justified.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Safe Water for a healthy life

The concept of the reverse osmosis system in India is a decades-old phenomenon. One of the pioneers in the Indian market to introduce RO water purifiers is Eureka Forbes. The company is driven by the motto to facilitate the people lead a healthy life by drinking safe water. Given the fact that many regions of the country have high total dissolved solids (TDS) in water, the necessity of using RO water purifiers has emerged like never before. It is the reverse osmosis purifying technique that lowers the TDS level in water. Eureka Forbes has developed a series of the reverse osmosis system in India

You can be confident that you are drinking safe water only if the water is purified in a water purifier. Get the water of your home tested to check the TDS levels and if the TDS content is high, get a reverse osmosis system immediately.

One of the RO water purifiers by Eureka Forbes that is the choice of millions is the Aquaguard Nano RO.Drink safe water always to stay healthy. Here are few of the features of this reverse osmosis system:

•5-stage RO purification process
•4 litre storage capacity
•Micro switch float to avoid over flow
•Manual flush facility
•Auto shut off mechanism
•Inbuilt voltage stabilizer
•90% TDS reduction.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Best Vacuum Cleaner

When one goes to buy utility products or procures the same online, the first thing that crops up in the mind is that of getting the best. There are a particular section of people who go by the quality and the brand and not by the price because they know that durability, low maintenance, excellent after sales support, etc. are provided by reputed and reliable brands. In the area of vacuum cleaners, it is no doubt Eureka Forbes that is riding herd in the market. You can also request for home demonstration of the desired vacuum cleaners.

There are several vacuum cleaners that are considered by users as the best as evidenced by the countless comments and reviews posted on web. One such best vacuum cleaner is the Euroclean ACE. Weighing 6.6 kg and having 550 x 185 x 250 mm dimensions, it is powered with 2450 mm/wc for suction of motor, 230 V AC / 50 Hz of voltage, and 40 lt/sec of blower efficiency. Here are few of the features of this best vacuum cleaner:
• 6-stage air filtration
• Effective in removing dust mites
• Rust proof ensuring longer life
• Powerful dry vacuuming of 1400 watts
• Auto cord winder for easy storage
• Special carbon filter and anti-microbial treated particulate filters.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AquaSure Drinking Water Purification System

You cannot imagine drinking water at home without getting it purified with a home water purifier. The alarming pollution levels have taken a toll on everyone’s health. When solutions are there, why not avail them to our advantage! Drinking water purification is a must to stay away from water borne diseases. If you get the water of your tap tested, you will be surprised to find it full of harmful micro organisms and contaminants. In the industrial regions and in areas where pesticides are greatly used in the crop fields, you will find chemicals, lead, pesticides and other harmful contaminants consuming which you will be affected like slow poison. Hence the importance of drinking water purification systems!

You will come across many a home water purifier in the market. Now the question is which drinking water purification system you should go for. When choices are many, you will certainly fall in a dilemma; so read reviews on web. The AquaSure home water purifier has been spoken volume in many a review. One such drinking water purification system of the AquaSure brand by Eureka Forbes is the AquaSure Elegant DX. It comes equipped with a whole lot of features such as:

  • 5-stage RO purification
  • 500 -2000(mg/l) TDS support
  • Designed to blend perfectly with the modern kitchen
  • 8 litres storage capacity
  • Micro switch float to avoid over flow
  • Manual flush facility
  • Auto shut off if not used for over 10 minutes
  • Glass holding facility.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Best Water Purifier

I have been staying in a rented accommodation sharing the room with a colleague of mine. We hail from the same village. After my friend was diagnosed with a water borne disease and had to be hospitalized for a week, we thought of buying a home water purifier. Someone suggested that we should get the tap water tested so that we can accordingly get the best water purifier as per the technology required. We did that and found it full of micro organisms. We were then prescribed with a UV water purifier.

My room mate did the right thing, i.e. reading reviews on web and going through the features of many a home water purifier in the uv category representing different brands. We even went to the nearest retail store that has in store several purification systems. We have already read about the AquaSure AquaFlow Dx in reviews as well as the Eureka Forbes corporate site and going online we found it to be the best water purifier. After we saw the system and felt it with our hands, we placed an order for the same.

This UV water purifier comes equipped with multi-stage purification mechanism with advanced technology, effectively killing harmful virus and bacteria. Here are few of the features of this home water purifier:

• 3-stage UV purification, viz. sediment filter, carbon block, and UV tech
• Inbuilt voltage stabilizer
• Dual cartridge life
• Energy saver mode
• Fast flow
• Error indication
• Forward flush to clean cartridge.