Monday, February 27, 2012

Pure water and the Aquaguard Total Duo

Drinking pure water is the essence of a healthy survival today. Use of water purifiers at homes is a must. The water purifiers should be advanced enough and come incorporated with the right purification mechanism so that only 100 percent pure water flows from the faucets. The market is full of water purifiers. So, it is quite natural to fall in a dilemma to find the right brand and choosing the right model. It will be wise on your part to first get your tap water tested and proceed with the buying.

Millions of users across the country bank upon Eureka Forbes. This company has numerous water purifiers to offer, all under different categories. So, if you are recommended to use a blend system, one that comes with RO and UV purification mechanisms, you should go for the Aquaguard Total Duo. It is one of the most revolutionary RO+UV water purifiers available in the market via direct sales. Here, direct sales means availability of the system right at the consumers’ doorsteps. Just dial 3988 3333 to order it or request for home demo. Alternatively, you may visit, the company’s corporate site for the same.

Every drop of water that flows from the Aquaguard Total Duo is pure water. This is facilitated by the 6-stage purification process. The pure water processing starts with RO purification technology followed by UV to prevent recontamination. During the process, all harmful micro organisms, new age tough contaminants, etc. are ridden of and TDS levels are reduced to acceptable standards.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pure water from AquaSure Elite UV purifier

Who doesn’t want to drink pure water? No one would desire to fall victim to some water borne disease or another. If you are recommended to use a UV water purifier, opt for Eureka Forbes. This company is already a household name in the water purifier segment. Over 8 million users across the country are leading safe and healthy lives drinking pure water purified by the Eureka Forbes water purifier.

One UV pure water system worth mentioning is the AquaSure Elite UV. It is an electric purifier designed to kill harmful micro organisms and all other tough contaminants. What flows from the faucet is only 100 percent pure water. The elegant look it displays suits the d├ęcor of every modern kitchen. This water purifier is priced at Rs. 9,499. You can buy it at leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets.

AquaSure Elite UV water purifier weighs 4.95 kg and comes at 208 X 228 X 430 dimensions. Here are few of the features of the pure water system:
· Convenient user interface facilitated by LCD display
· Quartz UV filtration wherein water passes through a high grade glass without contacting any metal part
· EMS (electronic monitoring system) feature letting you drink pure water always
· Sure safety lock feature in the water purifier stops functioning after 3300 litres
· Sure safety alert indicating that your water purifier requires change of cartridge.

Image including complete description, features, and technical specifications of this pure water system can be viewed at

Monday, February 20, 2012

Revolutionary RO+UV water purifier

Does your water purification system provide a last point purification just before the outlet, ensuring contamination-free water at the time of consumption? Those who are using AquaGuard Total Duo (RO+UV system) are indeed enjoying the benefits associated. The purification mechanism involved here is UV. Another additional advantage in this water purifier is incorporation of the re-circulating pump. This feature helps circulation of water through the UV disinfection column for 5 minutes every 6 hours to ensure purity. And then auto cleaning of membrane happens for a minute every 2 hours. Superior and effective RO membrane performance of the AquaGuard Total Duo water purification system is ensured. Another feature integrated in this water purifier worth mentioning is EMLE (Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer). This special cartridge enhances the RO membrane life and improves water flow.

Total Duo AquaGuard water purifier is equipped with four intelligent indicators for added convenience. Users have spoken volume about these indicators not to mention the aforesaid features. You will hardly come across such an intelligent interface in any other water purifier. Given below is a list of the indicators:
· Power Indicator: Illuminates ensuring perfect functioning of the electrical circuit.
· Water Process: Water purification begins after 30 seconds only if everything seems fine
· UV Lamp: UV LED blinks if UV lamp fails
· Tank Full: When the tank goes full, this indicator illuminates.

AquaGuard Total Duo water purification system comes with a storage capacity of 10 liters. Using it you will never run short of pure water.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

AquaSure RO water purifiers and membranes

AquaSure Spring fresh DX, AquaSure Elegant RO, AquaSure Nano RO – these are RO water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes. You can buy any of these at leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets. What is the type of RO membrane that AquaSure RO water purifiers come equipped with? It is Thin Film Composite (TFC or TFM) membrane. This is the membrane used in most of the domestic RO water purifiers in India and across the world. Then there is another type of membrane called the Cellulose Triacetate (CTA) that is also used.

Why AquaSure RO water purifiers use TFC rather than CTA? This is because TFC is more advantageous than CTC. Key differences between the two types are on chlorine tolerance and filtration ability and chlorine tolerance. You will come across information on TFC not being chlorine tolerant compared to CTA. This is right. And with almost all municipal water supply systems being chlorinated, many may question the ability and effectiveness of TFC. Well, AquaSure RO water purifiers come equipped with special carbon pre-filters to check chlorine during the purification process so that it doesn’t reach the membrane. Millions of users bank upon AquaSure RO water purifiers. These are certified by numerous global certification bodies for purification effectiveness, quality, and technology incorporated.

TFC membranes are less susceptible to bacterial fouling and reject 98 percent of standard contaminants. The CTA membrane is chlorine tolerant, but rejects 93 percent of standard contaminants and is more susceptible to bacterial fouling.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pure water filters in India and healthy drinking water

Availability of pure water filters in India is never a problem, especially in today’s scenario where numerous manufacturers have cropped up. But do you think every manufacturer guarantees flow of safe water from the faucet of each of the purification models it introduces. You may come across false promises and pure water filters in India that are meagerly priced. Ultimately what matters is purification effectiveness. The purifier you buy should come incorporated with the latest technology and features. It should be the identity of a reputed brand, a brand that has years of market presence besides maintaining a dominant rapport in delivering the best.

Consumption of healthy drinking water is a must to lead a healthy life. Use of the right water filter will let you drink safe water always. When we speak about brands of pure water filters in India, it is Eureka Forbes that is riding herd. This company has numerous models of purifiers to choose from under two different brands. Every model is certified by global certification bodies for quality and technology. Flow of safe and healthy drinking water is guaranteed in every water filter.

If you want to buy the AquaGuard pure water filters in India, just dial 3988 3333, accessible 24 X 7. Demo requests and order requests can be placed dialing the same number. Alternatively you can order online at Start your march towards a healthy life drinking safe water. Only the right advanced purifier will let you get healthy drinking water from the faucet.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Water purifications systems and Eureka Forbes

When you think of water purifications, the image of water purifier systems will certainly flash in your mind. Do you think the conventional water purifications method is effective enough to purify today’s highly polluted water? Of course not! You do need an advanced system. Millions of deaths occur around the world owing to harmful micro organisms, new age tough contaminants, etc. present in water. It is direct consumption that leads to diseases. With 80 percent of the existing diseases being water borne, it is the need of the hour for every household to use water purifiers.

There can be no better manufacturing company than Eureka Forbes when we speak about water purifier systems. This company is a market leader in the Indian market. Here is a list of the water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes. The water purifier systems are categorized into two different brands with each brand having different types of models according to purification mechanisms.
· AquaGuard Water Purifiers: Blend (Total Sensa, Total Duo, Total Protec Plus), RO (Total ENHANCE, Total Reviva, Total Atom), UV (Total INFINITI, Classic, Compact, Booster, Hi-Flo, VERVE), AquaGuard Ultra Filtration
· AquaSure Water Purifiers: RO (Spring fresh DX, Elegant RO, Nano RO), UV (Crystal, Elite UV, Smart UV, Aquaflow Dx), Storage (AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet, AquaSure Xtra), AquaSure RO+UV Water Purifier

To view the aforesaid water purifications systems in detail in terms of features and technical specifications, visit Here you can also view image, price and demo videos of the desired product.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home water purifier and electronic security system

Think of a home water purifier that comes incorporated with the A-Z of purification mechanisms. It is the Aquaguard Total Sensa that will certainly flash in the mind. Yes, Aquaguard Total Sensa happens to be the world’s only home water purifier that comes equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies. It can purify any kind of water no matter where you live. The patented BluG technology that Total Sensa home water purifier comes equipped with senses the quality of water and auto selects the best purification technology. TDS level in water is kept constant by SMP+. You will only get the triple benefits of sweetness, minerals and purity. What flows from the faucet of the water purifier is water that is perfectly balanced with the right amount of minerals and salts. Total Sensa home water purifier is available for only Rs. 18,990.

Video Door Phones, IAS-Wireless, IAS-Wired, IAS-Hybrid Panel, CCTV, Access Control, HAS, Biometric Lock – which of this electronic security system do you want to buy? Yes, these are security solutions from the house of Eureka Forbes. Each of the aforesaid electronic security system category has a range of models to choose from. For example, the first category has three models to choose from. One worth mentioning is color video door phone. This system, which comes equipped with a remote door release system, enables you to see and speak to your visitors, before granting them access to your home. Amazingly effective security and convenience is what you will always enjoy.