Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AquaSure Crystal UV water purifier

I don’t think so you health conscious buddies can get the best water purifier from any company other than Eureka Forbes. It has been for three years now that I and my family members have been availing the benefits of the AquaSure Crystal UV from Eureka Forbes. Before buying it, we got the tap water tested by sending a sample to the Eureka Forbes lab. They charged only a minimal fee for the same. Loads of harmful disease-causing micro organisms were found and we were recommended to use a UV water purifier. Yes, before buying, we did conduct enough research because we wanted the best water purifier of UV technology. And we ended up with AquaSure Crystal UV water purifier after reading review son web. Today we are so satisfied with it. Since the last three years, i.e. ever since we started using our best water purifier – the AquaSure Crystal UV, no one from the family suffered from any water-borne disease.

I cannot stop myself from pointing out the features of our best water purifier; here are few of the features:
Three stage purification involving use of sediment filter, carbon block, and UV technology
Electronic monitoring system so that pure water is delivered always
Decalcifier facilitating in the enhancement of the life of UV lamp
In-built voltage stabilizer helping the water purifier work even during voltage fluctuation
Hi flo mechanism; 2 litres of water gets delivered in a minute
Energy saver mode, anti-drip, and error indication facilities
Cartridge life of 6000 litres.