Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Features of Aquaguard Total Duo water purifier

Homes are abuzz with this water purification system from Eureka Forbes called Aquaguard Total Duo. Yes, people are increasingly booking a home demo of this water purifier and ordering the same. You need not go to a retail outlet to buy it as it is available right in the comfort of your home through trained specialist of Eureka Forbes. What people have also spoken volume about the water purification is price; it is available at only Rs. 14,990.

Features that come incorporated in this system are praiseworthy. This revolutionary RO+UV water purifier comes with an advanced 6-stage purification mechanism. Here are features of the Aquaguard Total Duo water purification system:
Intelligent interface involving use of four indicators, viz. power indicator, water purification process, UV lamp, and tank full to the convenience of the user
For effective functioning, i.e. enhanced membrane life and improved water flow, the water purifier comes equipped with electronic membrane life enhancer
Storage capacity of 10 liters; availability of safe drinking water always
1 minute of auto cleaning once in every 2 hours
Every 6 hours, water is circulated through the UV Disinfection Column for 5 minutes
Just before water flows from the faucet, last point UV purification takes place ensuring flow of 100 percent pure water.

Aquaguard Total Duo water purifier weighs 11.7 kg and comes at 400X246X568 dimensions. Its power rating is 40 watts. You can view complete description and image of this water purification system at the Eureka Forbes corporate site.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Total Sensa – only water purifier with multiple purification technologies

Do you know that Aquaguard Total Sensa is considered the best water purifier by consumers? If you read reviews on web, you will mostly come across this water purifier. Aquaguard Total Sensa happens to be the only water purifier in the world equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies that can purify any kind of water. No water test is required to know which system you need to buy. This is the best water purifier for any area, for any water type!

The patented BluG technology incorporated in the Aquaguard Total Sensa facilitates the system to sense the quality of water during the purification process. The water purifier then auto selects the best purification technology. SMP+ ensures that the TDS (total dissolved solids) level in your water is constant. Ultimately water that flows from the faucet comes with the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity. What you get is thus water that is perfectly balanced with the right amount of minerals and salts. You will not regret going for this best water purifier. Though it is such a hi-tech product yet the price has been kept very meager; it is available for only Rs. 17,900.

You can book a dome demo of the water purifier at or just SMS "AGD" or "ECV" to 566775. The system can be booked at the aforesaid website for Rs. 3,000; the rest of the amount can be paid by cash on delivery. Buying this best water purifier is worth the investment!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pure water filters in India from Eureka Forbes

Is there any dearth of pure water filters in India? Of course not! There are numerous brands and countless models of pure water filters in India available at retail stores and via direct sales that it indeed becomes tough for the consumer to choose the best. Yes, with knowledge about the market, brand familiarity, product knowledge, and knowing your requirements, you can no doubt get the best drinking water system. It is no surprise if you find increasing number of people falling ill during the rainy season by drinking water. It is only consumption of safe drinking water that can let you stay away from water borne diseases. If you yet don’t have any advanced purifier installed at your home, you are only taking big risks on your health. Read reviews and features of the top pure water filters in India and accordingly take the right purchasing decision. You will not regret if you go for Eureka Forbes. There are over 8 million consumers who are experiencing good health using drinking water purifiers from Eureka Forbes.

If you are recommended to use a RO water purifier, go for the aforesaid company. You can get one either via direct sales or at modern organized retail outlets. The RO water purifier price is kept meager though hi-technology and innovative features are incorporated. Purification effectiveness is guaranteed. Buying one is worth the investment! The RO water purifier price from Eureka Forbes falls in between Rs. 8,490 and Rs. 13,990. Order your drinking water system right away!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

AquaSure Nano RO drinking water purifier

The terminology ‘nano’ is not only limited in the auto sector and other technologies but also in water purifiers. I have recently bought one of the most aesthetically pleasing and effective reverse osmosis water systems from the house of Eureka Forbes. It is AquaSure Nano RO. Now that I have started using it and availing the benefits, I now realize why there are millions of users of reverse osmosis water systems from Eureka Forbes. Right from quality, purification effectiveness, technology incorporated to features, technical specifications, and more, every drinking water purifier from this company is worth the buy as stated in many reviews by users themselves. And now I am part of the group.

AquaSure Nano RO drinking water purifier is priced at Rs. 7,990. Isn’t it so cheap? It comes with a five stage purification mechanism. Here are few features of this system:
Purified water has natural sweet taste
Manual flush, cleaning cartridge and enhancing its life
Energy saver mode gets activated if drinking water purifier is not used for over 10 minutes
In-built voltage stabilizer, making the system run even during voltage fluctuation.

There are two more reverse osmosis water systems from Eureka Forbes, which I came across at the retail outlet from where I bought my Nano purifier. I liked the other two purifiers as well, but this suited my budget and preferences the most.

Guys, before you buy a reverse osmosis drinking water purifier, it is a must to get your tap water tested!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Purification systems and safe water

It is but a fact that one cannot stay without drinking water; in today’s terminology, just saying ‘water’ won’t hold ground. It should be ‘safe water’. This is because pollution levels have gone high and even municipal treated water is not safe. Use of water purifiers is a dire necessity. Again just buying won’t serve your purpose. The water purifiers should be advanced and guarantee high purification effectiveness. It is then only that you can expect safe water to flow from the faucet.

When there are so many water purifiers available in the market and with TV commercials speaking volume about one particular brand with purification guarantee, it is actually difficult to choose which one is the best. But it will be wise on your part not to go by TV commercials. Instead consider the reputation of the brand and about its presence. A reputed brand that has maintained years of dominant market rapport will never compromise on quality and technology. And even if the price of the water purifiers of such a brand is competitively a bit higher, it is still worth the investment. After all purification effectiveness, technology and quality do matter.

It has been for quite some time that we have been drinking safe water at home using AquaSure 3PCTi. It is one of the best water purifiers from Eureka Forbes available in the market. This multi stage purification system is backed by latest technological innovation; features worth mentioning include natural shut off, double storage, no requirement of electricity for running, etc.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best water purifiers from Eureka Forbes

If you think insurance is all about life, health, assets, and businesses, etc., you are wrong. Insurance applies to water as well. Safe water insurance happens with investment on the best water purifiers, those that guarantee purification effectiveness and are true archetypes of innovation, superlative quality and advanced technology. And it is but a fact that the best water purifiers come from the house of Eureka Forbes. No matter whether it is reverse osmosis water purifiers or of any other mechanisms, no other manufacturer can provide you safe water insurance. Had there been complaints about the quality and technology of the systems that this company deals in, the eight million satisfied customers including me satisfactorily using its range of the best water purifiers would not have happened! And the count of users is only increasing by the day. The dominant rapport that this company has been maintaining in the Indian market for the last 29 years is still retained.

Amid the reverse osmosis water purifiers that this company deals in, one name that always finds appreciation from my side is the Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+. We had used this next generation purification system for quite sometime until we changed base. At our new place, the water test report carried a recommendation of using a UV purifier. Our RO PROTEC+ is now being used by one of our relatives. It comes equipped with the latest 3G technology electronically enhancing membrane life. No other reverse osmosis water purifiers are as effective as this system.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Aquaguard Ultra water purifier

Those who are aware about the adverse effects of not drinking safe water always use water purifiers. They never quench their thirst from roadside stalls or public taps. A survey has proved that increasing pollution levels in water is only leading to increased water-borne diseases leading to more deaths. It can be rightly said that ‘safe water is life’ and not ‘water is life’ because naturally available or municipally treated water is not at all safe to drink.

Ever since I and my family members started using the Aquaguard Ultra, we have hardly visited the doctor. It was after our doctor recommended us of using one advanced purification system that we went for it. I conducted a research online on all available water purifiers and it is the aforesaid system from Eureka Forbes that impressed me the most. Now it is safe water that always flows from the faucet. The advanced purification process involves filtering of impurities even in the molecular range including bacteria, virus, cysts, and other micro organisms not to mention new age tough contaminants. The best feature I liked is the incorporation of a membrane with 0.01 micron pore size that acts as a molecular sieve. It is one of the best water purifiers that I have ever come across.

Priced at Rs. 5,990, this system weighs 5.5 kg and runs without electricity. Flowing of safe water is facilitated by the use of four filters, viz. sediment filter, pre carbon, UF membrane and post carbon having a life of 6000 litres.