Friday, January 29, 2010

Choosing the Best Water Purifier

When it comes to buying utility products, home consumers become extra conscious in selecting the right product at the right price. And no compromises are made when it comes to buying water purifiers. If you are looking to buy a home water purifier, you should consider several factors before buying it. Evaluate on the type of water at your home. Because you can get a water purifier that meets the water condition at your home; the system automatically removes all unwanted impurities, bacteria, and pollutants. Secondly, select the brand that has become a household name; high quality and high technology products sell the most. And finally check the features of the system and the technology incorporated so that you know how know how it is going to work and how safe your drinking water can be. Go for the UV water purifier, as it is far superior to conventional filtration methods like boiling or using candle filters. Also, it is much more economical than a RO water purifier. A very big advantage of a UV purifier is that it does not waste precious water.

The best water purifier, as attested by many happy families, is the Aquaguard range developed by Eureka Forbes. You need not visit a store to check which one you should buy because once you contact the Eureka Forbes executives, they will come right at your doorsteps and suggest the right water system for your family by testing the water. Besides performing a home demonstration, they will also install the system at your home. All you need to do is to dial the helpline number 39883333, accessible round the clock.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System?

How safe is the water you drink? Have you ever delved deep on the advantages of drinking pure water or the disadvantages related to drinking unpurified water? Water treatment plants do meet 'Safe Drinking Water Standards', and the water supplied complies with the same, yet it is certainly not safe for drinking. It is full of dissolved impurities, bacteria, microbes, viruses, and other pollutants. The water gets contaminated in the pipes that transport the water from the treatment plant to your homes. And unconsciously most of the diseases that you and your family have often suffered from are a result of drinking tap water. Ensure your family a good health with the use of a reverse osmosis water purification system. The system removes all impurities, making your water safe, pure, and fresh for drinking.

You can purchase Eureka Forbes’ AquaSure RO water purifiers at leading electronic stores. Consumers residing at Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad can get immediate response by dialing the Eureka Forbes helpline 39883333.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Water Purifier for Safe Water

Researches have proved over the years that safe water is the base of a good health. Water borne diseases affect most of the people than any other disease; hence, the water you consume should always be pure. It is strongly recommended that you use a water purifier to facilitate yourself and your family drink safe water.

Water purification systems abound in plenty in the market but again it is the brand that matters. The ability to provide pure water, durability, technology incorporated, quality, customer service certification from reputed labs, are few of the factors that one should consider while buying a water purifier. Eureka Forbes has introduced water purification systems to suit varied water conditions and millions of customers, over the years, have relied on these products.

Eureka Forbes is known for innovation in its water purification system. The RO water purifier - the AquaSure Springfresh RO is an elegantly designed RO water purifier equipped with 5 stage water purification and PowerBoil technology. It has a storage capacity 8 litres.

You can dial the Eureka Forbes Helpline on 39883333 to place complaints related to the water purifier you are using or to collect information about any product of Eureka Forbes. The Helpline is available in all the major cities. encompassing Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Bhubhanehswar and Hyderabad. from 08.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs. For other cities complaints can be logged at the the Eureka Forbes Customer Response Centres. Service requests can also be logged at