Thursday, March 31, 2011

Consumption of Safe Water for Healthy Lives

Drinking safe water is the essence to leading a healthy life free from water borne diseases. And the water can be deemed safe water only if it is purified involving use of advanced water purifiers. If you think, without using water purifiers, you can still lead a healthy life with boiled water you are wide of the mark. You will have to boil the water for 20 minutes at least to get the germs deactivated not to mention the big fuel costs involved.

Health conscious individuals never take risks. They always stay updated with the latest technology using advanced water purifiers. Maintaining consumption of safe water, they no longer use the advanced water purifiers bought five-six years ago. They go for newer models that are epitomes of quality and up-to-the-minute technology.

One of the water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes that is a rage amongst users nationwide is the Aquaguard Booster. If there is no running water and water pressure in your area is low, you can go for it. The distinctiveness associated with the system is incorporation of e-boiling + technology, a unique SMPS system and an in-built water pressure enhancer.

Priced at Rs. 9,190 with 43 watts power rating and weighing 5.5kg, it is worth the value for money. If you purchase it online from the Eureka Forbes corporate site, you can book the same for Rs. 1800 and pay the rest of the amount by cash on delivery.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aquaguard Total Miracle

Every water purifier introduced from Eureka Forbes is undoubtedly the best water purifier. This is validated by the countless reviews, blog posts, discussion forum posts, and testimonials published on web by the users themselves. It is a fact that millions of people across the country are satisfactorily using the water purifier series introduced by this company. Water types vary from region to region. You cannot use an RO water purifier in an area where water is full of micro organisms. UV mechanism will then serve the purification purpose. The company has also introduced one best water purifier with multiple purifying technologies that automatically senses the water type and accordingly utilizes the right mechanism.

If you are staying in an industrial area, it will be wise on you part to use Aquaguard Total Miracle – a heavy metal remover. Light weight, i.e. weighin only 1.5 kg, this water purifier is easy to install; trained specialists from Eureka Forbes will get it installed, also familiarizing you with the mechanism. 330 mm x 135 mm x 135 mm is the dimension of this compact water purifier.

Quality of water is deteriorates in places where there are a number of factories. It is no surprise if you find heavy metals like lead, iron and arsenic present in water. These new age contaminants affect the central nervous system, liver, and the digestive system. In such areas, the best water purifier is of course the Aquaguard Total Miracle! There is no doubt about it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3G Technology and Other Features in RO System

Eureka Forbes is a market leader in the water purifiers segment. It has been for 29 years now that the dominant rapport has been maintained. Right from RO water purifiers to all other purification mechanisms, you will come across different models available right at the comfort of your homes and also specific brands available at retail outlets.

One of the next generation RO water purifiers from Eureka Forbes is the Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+. The latest 3G technology incorporated is often the talk of towns and cities. This feature facilitates electronic enhancement of the mem life. The multi stage purification ensures that water purified is free from physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants including tough new-age contaminants like lead, pesticides and heavy metals. Big families will never run short of pure water as it has a storage capacity of 10 litres. You will no doubt come across uncountable RO water purifiers in the market but not one that comes with such technology and features. There is nothing that is not introduced from Eureka Forbes. Each of the water purifiers it has in the kitty is a true epitome of superlative quality, innovative technology, and purification effectiveness.

Weighing 10.4 kg, this RO water purifiers comes with dimensions at 265 x 395 x 422 mm. The water flow rate is10 litres/hr; TFC spiral is the RO membrane used facilitating 90% TDS reduction. 230 V AC/50 Hz is the input voltage with 40 watts power rating.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Multiple Technologies in a Single Water Purifier

India indeed boasts of pioneering innovations with companies like Eureka Forbes, part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group, introducing the first of its type water purifiers in the market. The company’s Aquaguard Total Sensa is the only water purification system in the world equipped with a multitude of technologies. You can find the incorporation of E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies. This ensures that the water purifier purifies any type of water no matter where you live.

The distinctiveness associated with the Aquaguard Total Sensa water purification system is its patented BluG technology. As water passes into the system for purification, the water purifier automatically senses the quality of water; it then auto selects the right purification technology and accordingly purifies the water. With SMP+, you enjoy TDS maintained water. Ultimately what flows from the faucet of this water purification system is water that has the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity, water that is perfectly balanced with the right amount of salt and minerals. So, you no longer need to worry that essential minerals present in water are ridden of during the purification process.

This water purifier is very affordable though it is such a unique system. Available in the comfort of your home, it is priced at only Rs. 17,900. If you book it online at the Eureka Forbes corporate site, you can get it done at Rs. 3,000 and pay the rest of the amount by cash on delivery.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aquaguard Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Recommended to use reverse osmosis water systems? So you have got your tap water tested! This is the right procedure for buying a drinking water purifier. Given the fact that 80% of diseases are water borne you cannot compromise on your health. When water systems are easily available as per water types, it will be wise on your part to get your tap water tested so that you know which drinking water purifier rightly serves the purification purpose.

One brand that you can rely on for reverse osmosis water systems and all other purifiers is the Aquaguard. You need not go to a retail outlet to buy it as it is available right at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is dial the Euro helpline (3988 3333) or log in to the Eureka Forbes corporate site and request your order online.

The Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+ is one of the most used reverse osmosis water systems in the country. This next generation drinking water purifier comes accoutered with the latest 3G technology that electronically enhances the membrane life. This innovative feature, not found in any other RO water systems, facilitates elimination of all contaminants right from micro organisms to dissolved particles, new age pollutants, etc. Big families should go for this reverse osmosis water purifier system as it has a storage capacity of 10 litres. Paying Rs. 13,500 is worth the investment given the wealth of benefits you avail using it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Aquaguard UV Purifiers

The best water purifiers available in the country are I bet, come from the house of Eureka Forbes. Like all of its series of systems in different models, all epitomes of superlative quality and innovative technology, here is an UV water purifier system – Aquaguard Verve that is in the good books of users. Priced at Rs. 6,590, it is available for the institutional/bulk segment. No wonder it has been deemed Reader’s Digest most trusted brand for three years. If you are all geared up to buy a water purifier system, consider your water type. For areas where micro organisms in water are very high, use of UV water purifiers is recommended.

The Aquaguard Verve is equipped with unique e-boiling technology. With dimensions at 320 x 275 x 410 mm and weighing 5.1 kg, it comes with a unique space saving design. Other technical features worth mentioning are 8 Watts UV lamp and 20 Watts input power rating.

Other UV purifiers in the Aquaguard category are Total INFINITI, Aquaguard Classic, Aquaguard Compact, Aquaguard Booster, and Aquaguard Hi-Flo. You can browse through the description, price tag, features, and technical specifications of each of the aforesaid water purifier system at the company’s corporate site. Just click on the Aquaguard UV link in the water purifiers section. You will be immediately transported to your desired page.

It is not only the hi-tech features incorporated but also the excellent after sales service support offered that is spoken volume of about the Aquaguard.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Use of a Water Purification System

Discussion on the topic of water purifiers will never seem to end. In fact, it has gained increasing momentum with time. With 80% of the diseases across the world being water borne, the discussion does make sense. And it is the need of the hour to create an enhanced awareness drive emphasizing on the use of advanced water purifiers.

There are millions of families that still do not use the water purifier in today’s times where manufacturers have kept pace with the changing technology to develop solutions for the betterment of life. It is a must to use a water purifier to get rid of the pollutants present in water even though it gets purified in the local municipal water treatment plant. Get the right water purification system installed right away and start your march towards a healthy life ahead. Do not be satisfied if you are using a conventional water purifier; it won’t serve the purification purpose.

If you are recommended to use a reverse osmosis water purification system, you may opt buying the Aquasure Elegant DX. Of course, you will come across other reverse osmosis water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes that are equally popular in the market. This water purification system is available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets. The elegant design, five stage reverse osmosis water purification process, 8 litre storage capacity, micro switch float, manual flush, etc. are the plus points.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aquaguard Total Sensa Water Purifier

The world’s only water purification system equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies indeed comes from the house of Eureka Forbes. It is the Aquaguard Total Sensa. The technologies incorporated in this water purifier enables it to purify any type of water no matter whether it is full of total dissolved solids or micro organisms or new age contaminants and what not! Pollution levels have increased alarmingly and Eureka Forbes has solutions to this problem. With research being an on-going process, each water purification system developed comes incorporated with innovative technologies and features facilitating effective purification thus facilitating people live the healthy way.

The distinctiveness in the Aquaguard Total Sensa water purifier is its patented BluG technology. During the purification process it senses the quality of water, auto selects the best purification technology, and accordingly purifies the water. You do gain a competitive advantage using this water purification system as you get the triple benefits of sweetness, minerals and purity – water that is 100% pure and perfectly balanced with the right amount of salts and minerals.

Procuring the Aquaguard Total Sensa water purification system is easy. You may either dial the Eureka Forbes helpline number or log in to its corporate site where you can have a detailed look at the description, features, and technical specifications. It is priced at Rs. 17,900. For booking, you can pay only Rs. 3000 online and pay the rest of the amount by cash on delivery.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AquaSure Nano RO system

The term ‘Nano’ is not only restricted to the world of automobiles; you will also find this terminology in the segment of RO water purifiers. Well, we are talking about the AquaSure Nano, one of the widely used RO water purifiers in India. To have a detailed look at the description, price, features, technical specifications, and more, just visit The system is available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets. No doubt you will come across numerous RO water purifiers in the market but what matters is choosing the best. There is no dearth of information online. Real users leave real comments and reviews on web, narrating about their experiences besides features, specifications, etc. on the water purifiers they are using. So, read and get the right system.

The AquaSure Nano RO system comes equipped with a five stage RO purification mechanism removing unwanted salts and impurities. What you get from the faucet is only sweet, pure drinking water free from all harmful micro organisms, dissolved particles, new age contaminants, and more. It is priced at only Rs. 7,990. Start your march towards good health investing in this water purifier. Here are few of the key features of this system:

•Cleaning of cartridge and its life enhancement happens with manual flush facility
•Comes with energy saver mode, which gets automatically activated if system is not operated for 10 minutes
•In-built voltage stabilizer; the purifier works even during voltage fluctuation.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drinking Safe Water in Industrial Areas

How do you know that the water you are drinking is safe water? If the water is purified using advanced water purifiers, you can be sure that you are drinking safe water. Those who are staying industrial areas need to be extra careful while buying water purifiers. There are specific systems available in the market or via direct sales meant for use in industrial areas. One such purifier introduced by Eureka Forbes is the Aquaguard Total Miracle. The company is no wonder a pioneer in introducing purification systems for every water type; this is validated by the 28 plus years of dominant market rapport maintained.

In the industrial areas, water is more prone to be full of heavy metals like lead, arsenic, iron, etc. Even municipal treated water cannot be deemed safe water. You will require to getting the water purified at home using such a system like Total Miracle. Otherwise, you will only become victim of some water borne disease or harbor some dangerous disease that will surface itself in the long run. Industrial contaminants affect the digestive systems, especially the liver including the central nervous system.You can imagine the consequences of not drinking safe water.

Weighing 1.5 kg, very light weight and easy to install, it comes with 330 mm x 135 mm x 135 mm dimensions. Do not wait for diseases to attack you. Start using water purifiers so that there is never a shortage of safe water at your home.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One of the Best Water Purifiers from Eureka

When we speak of the best water purifiers in the reverse osmosis segment, which models of which brands flash into the mind? Be it any purifying mechanism and not only reverse osmosis, it is the series of water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes that no wonder holds the place as the ‘best’. Read any reviews and comments and you will majorly come across this company.

Amid the reverse osmosis water purifiers that are available via direct sales, the ultra compact Aquaguard Total Atom is worth mentioning. Specially designed for areas with hard water, this system comes with a 5-stage purification technology. Filter cartridges incorporated are pre filter, clarity cartridge, organic remover cartridge, TFC spiral RO membrane, and taste enhancer cartridge. Use of all these filters ensures that the water goes through five different stages of purification and what you ultimately get from the faucet is 100% safe and pure water.

Do not go for reverse osmosis water purifiers with single stage purification involving the use of only the RO membrane. This is because the membrane cannot rid the water of all the contaminants; moreover its life gets threatened, i.e. you will need to change it fast. Most users in reviews have spoken volume about this system as one of the best water purifiers. It comes with a storage capacity of 4 litres and is affordably priced at Rs. 8,490. At 281 x 198 x 413 mm dimensions, it weighs 7.1 kg.