Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buying a Reverse Osmosis Filter System

While I was looking for reviews on reverse osmosis water purifiers, I majorly came across the Aquaguard Total Reviva. Actually I wanted to buy a reverse osmosis filter system and I thought a little research would help me buy the right product. This is what I do whenever I choose a brand and the associated product.

Well, I did read about other brands of reverse osmosis water purifiers, but Eureka Forbes is one name that I have been hearing when I was a kid. I could remember health ambassadors from this company knocking our doorsteps for performing a home demo of the reverse osmosis filter system. And amid the reverse osmosis water purifiers that they suggested, my dad bought one that met the needs of a big family, i.e. one with a big storage capacity. Shifted to another city on job purpose I felt the need of buying one. I thought why not try some other brand. But researches and reviews on the reverse osmosis water purifiers ultimately geared me up to buy the Aquaguard Total Reviva.

I know that the water in the area where I stay is high in TDS content and that only a reverse osmosis filter system is the right purifier that will effectively remove the contaminants.

I liked the following features in the Aquaguard Total Reviva:
• Unique membrane cleaning system
• Silver surety technology
• Enhanced booster pump
• Tamper-proof reject water valve
• Transparent tank
• Automatic water level sensor.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Low-cost hi-tech Water Purifiers

There are hardly any urban homes where water purifiers are not used. Thanks to health ambassadors from Eureka Forbes who visit homes directly to create awareness about the need to drink safe water besides performing home demonstration of the desired water purification systems. Consumers thus avail double benefits from the ambassadors, viz. knowledge about the water purifiers that should be used and getting the product right at home.

The hassles of visiting stores or dialing numbers to get the right water purifiers are thus negated. Various other awareness drives over the television, Internet, newspapers, etc. have further made not-so-conscious people aware that using advanced water purification system only can facilitate drinking of safe water. Eureka Forbes need no introduction; the 28 years of dominant market presence well validates the quality as well as hi-tech mechanisms incorporated in its range of water purifiers thus assuring healthy lives of the users.

Those who are looking for Eureka Forbes water purifiers that are very affordable can opt for the AquaSure Storage UV. Unlike direct sales, it is available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets. This 4 stage UV electric water purifier is priced at Rs. 3,990. The four stages of purification involved are:

• Particulate Filter for removing floating particles
• Sediment Filter for removing further floating particles
• Carbon Block for removing chemical and organic compounds
• UV Tech for eliminating water borne disease causing micro organisms.

Get it and start enjoying a healthy life!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Use of Reverse Osmosis System for Safe Water

Who doesn’t want to drink safe water? It is availability of safe water that matters. If you are drinking water from any source no matter whether it is tap water or well water or water sold in the roadside, you are actually inviting diseases! Unless the water is purified in an advanced water purifier, it cannot be safe water. Given the high TDS content in water in most of the regions of the country and with only RO water purifiers being effective in ensuring purification, the use of this technique has increased over the years. You will find use of the reverse osmosis system in India in all the regions irrespective of the north, south, east, and west.

The market is full of RO water purifiers of different brands. Do consider various parameters for safe water before choosing one of the best RO water purifiers that suits your requirements. These parameters may include capacity, budget, etc. One reverse osmosis system in India that is chosen by the majority is the AquaSure Elegant RO priced at Rs. 9,990. It is available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets.

This five stage reverse osmosis filter system comes with a unique, advanced purification process that removes unwanted salts and impurities, allowing only 100% pure drinking water to flow from the faucet. With 6 litre storage capacity, micro switch float to avoid over flow, manual flush, auto shut off, you do gain a competitive advantage!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aquasure UV Water Purifier

While I was looking for the Aquasure brand of UV water purifier at the Eureka Forbes corporate site, I happened to read the corporate responsibility section of the company. Well, this company is indeed ‘friends for life’ with a social cause too. During the Tsunami that devastated several places, Eureka Forbes installed high capacity water purification systems in 30 locations, working cooperatively with World Vision, a leading NGO.

I have been planning to buy a UV water purifier; after reading reviews and going through the features of purifiers online, I finally decided to buy the Aquasure brand. So, I bought the AquaSure Ivory Dx.

This three stage Aquasure UV water purifier is a true model of advanced technology that effectively kills harmful micro organisms ensuring the flow of100% pure and safe water from the faucet. Spending Rs. 6,490 for it is worth the buy – lesser than doctor’s fees and medicines incurred during a year! I got it from the nearest home appliance store.

Let me mention the key features of this Aquasure UV water purifier:

•It comes with ‘Sure Safety Lock’; the system will stop delivering water after 3000 ltr
•The in-built voltage stabilizer ensures functioning of the system even during voltage fluctuation
•‘Hi flo’ feature facilitates delivery of 2 ltrs of water in a minute
•Its electronic monitoring system helps delivery of pure water always.

Now I can assure myself and my family members of a great health ahead free from water borne diseases!

Monday, October 11, 2010

‘Friends for Life’ well exemplified

The phrase ‘Friends for Life’ that drives the corporate philosophy of Eureka Forbes is well realized. This is substantiated by the innovative and hi-tech home consumer durable products that it introduces in the market as well as the corporate responsibility drive that it has been following for over 28 years now. Right from installing free water purification systems in times of calamities to setting up of recreational parks for the elderly, the company has actively contributed towards the welfare of the society at large.

It is this very corporate philosophy that is the base of its series of the home water purifier that includes the UV water purifier including purification systems of other mechanisms. It has been advocated and recommended by doctors and water specialists over time and again that use of a home water purifier is a must to stay away from water borne diseases, which constitute 80% of all diseases. And you can bank upon Eureka Forbes for the best water purifier that well serves your health needs.

One UV water purifier that is considered the best water purifier by many users on web is the AquaSure AquaFlow Dx. This multistage UV water purifier, available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets, is priced at only Rs. 4,990. It comes with in-built voltage stabilizer, dual cartridge life, hi flo mechanism delivering 2 ltrs water in a minute, and error indication signal alerting the user in case any error occurs.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The AquaSure 3PCTi by Eureka Forbes

When we speak of water purifiers, you will come across countless brands and models in the market. It is quite natural to fall in a dilemma which one to choose. And you cannot compromise on your health by buying water purification systems that are not that effective in getting the water rid of all chemical, microbiological, and physical contaminants. Only advanced water purifiers with multi-stage purification mechanisms can assure you of safe water.

Amid the storage water purification systems available in the market, one system that is highly spoken of is the AquaSure 3PCTi by Eureka Forbes. The revolutionary PCT (Positive Charge Technology) incorporated is the uniqueness of this water purifier system, assuring flow of not only pure water but also safe water from the faucet.

Here are few features of this water purification system:
• PCT for 100% chemical free purification
• Ensures complete freedom from all hassles of boiling
• Natural shut off when the useful life is over
• Removes all disease causing bacteria, virus and cysts
• Double capacity both in top (9 litres) and bottom (11 litres) containers
• No electricity required, ensuring complete convenience.