Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Demand for Eureka Forbes Water Filters in India

Sales figures validate that demand for water filters in India is growing by the day. Thanks to the people’s increasing awareness about the fact that 80 percent of the diseases are water-borne and good health is ensured with the use of an advanced purifier. Wall-mounting, table-top, portable water purifier – these varieties are available in purification mechanisms ranging from RO, UV to UF, storage, and blends. Of course the more sophisticated systems with RO and other blend mechanisms will require you to get them mounted on the wall near your kitchen sink.When we speak about market players, it is Eureka Forbes that is the leader. This market leadership by Eureka Forbes has been maintained for the last 30 years ever since its inception. Its vacuum cleaners and water filters in India, Euroclean and Aquaguard respectively, have been deemed Superbrands – the highest awards conferred on consumer durable products. No wonder Eureka Forbes Water Filters in India will always remain a rage in the market, as proved by the last 30 years; thanks to the pioneering technologies, innovative features, superlative quality incorporated directed towards improving purification effectiveness.

If you enter the Eureka Forbes world of the portable water purifier, you will come across a couple of models. These are generally UV purification systems, which are endorsed by the Indian Medical Association including lakhs of doctors and certified by international labs. Details about the series are displayed at eurekaforbes.com. And yes, Eureka Forbes portable water purifier, an epitome of latest technology, is low priced.

Friday, August 17, 2012

UV Purifier for Taps with Low Water Pressure

Want precious minerals and nutrients to be retained and all contaminants flushed out during the drinking water purification process? This can happen with the Aquaguard Booster. This UV water purifier from the house of Eureka Forbes comes equipped with a unique mineral preserver system. This component releases electronic impulses, serving a dual purpose - preventing scaling of the quartz tube and retaining essential minerals and nutrients. E-boiling+ is one of the most hi-tech of features that this drinking water system comes incorporated with. It eliminates all disease causing microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, protozoa, cysts, etc. This feature ensures that H2O flowing from the faucet is as pure as H2O boiled for 20 minutes.

If you have heard about the intelligent purity sensor system in a Water Purifier, you will find it in the Aquaguard Booster. Scanning happens continuously ensuring flow of safe H2O. Worry not if there is no running tap H2O or if the H2O pressure is low. You can still continue to get pure water. Thanks to the in-built water pressure enhancer. This pure water system is a real booster in the true sense of the term.

To know about technical specifications of the Aquaguard Booster water purifier in detail, visit erekaforbes.com. Here you can right away book it for Rs. 1800. The total price is Rs. 9,190; the rest of the amount should be paid at the time of delivery. All Aquaguard Drinking Water Purification systems are delivered at the consumers’ doorsteps in the specified time.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Continuous Research for Introducing Breakthrough Purifiers

So many people today are aware about the quality of drinking water in India causing health problems. Yes, what you have heard about 80 percent of the diseases being water-borne is true. Now, knowing about this hazard, you will certainly not take risks. Do you know over 10 million households in India use water purifiers from Eureka Forbes? Yes, this is indeed a huge figure. Or you can say that Eureka Forbes is facilitating 10 million families consume healthy drinking water.

This company started its drive of spreading awareness about the condition of drinking water in India and the consequences thereafter after consumption, some thirty years ago. It presented solutions – Aquaguard Water Purifiers right at the consumers’ doorsteps. And people indeed welcomed the initiative. Not only has Eureka Forbes emerged as Asia’s largest direct sales company but also as an innovator and pioneer. Towards realizing its objective of making healthy drinking water available for people at large, this company is involved in continuous research introducing breakthrough purifiers from time to time.

Types of Drinking Water in India vary. At some places, it is salty and high in TDS while at few places it is high in harmful microorganisms. Industrial contaminants pollute the water at many places. Eureka Forbes has purifiers for every water type. What ultimately matters is getting healthy drinking water from the faucet. Send a sample of your tap H2O to the nearest water testing lab so that you know which type of purifier you should install in your kitchen.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The best Water Purifier Under RO Category

It is but a fact that the best water purifier comes from the house of Eureka Forbes. The market leadership maintained since inception till date well validates it. Moreover, it was Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes that happens to be the first domestic Drinking Water Purification brand introduced in the Indian market. Whether you want a UF or UV or an RO or water softener system, you will get purifiers of every category from Eureka Forbes.

If you are recommended to use a water softener system, it will be wise on your part to use an RO system instead. Though both the types of purifiers serve almost the same purpose, scope of RO is wider. An RO system will not only treat hardness but also handle TDS levels besides removing all contaminants present including micro organisms.

Each Aquaguard RO system is the Best Water Purifier. There are four RO drinking water purification systems at present, viz. Total Enhance Green RO, Total Enhance RO, Total Enhance RO+, and Total Reviva. Pioneering features mark the distinctiveness of all the systems. While the Total Enhance series is the only one of its kind in India using which users can save 30 percent of water that otherwise gets wasted, Aquaguard Reviva comes equipped with a unique ‘reverse osmosis plus’ technology designed to remove harmful lead (a cause of brain damage in young children) during the purification process. Visit eurekaforbes.com to view features and technical specifications of the purifiers. Alternatively you may dial 3988 3333 for the same.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eureka Forbes and Portable Purifiers

Enter the world of water filters in India and you will only fall in a dilemma as to which brand to choose and which particular model to opt for. There was a time when it was Eureka Forbes that was the only player in the segment of domestic water filters in India. Yes, this was the company that introduced a series of domestic purifiers some thirty years ago. Soon more players surfaced. Today, though competition is stiff yet Eureka Forbes has been able to retain its market leadership; thanks to the series of innovative purifiers introduced from time to time, based on extensive research. Eureka Forbes water filters in India are endorsed by the Indian Medical Association and by lakhs of doctors. They are certified by international labs for quality, technology and purification effectiveness.

There is a purifier from Eureka Forbes for every pocket and for every water type. If you have a transferable job and need to shift places quite often, you may opt buying a portable water purifier. It can be easily shifted as it needs no support with the wall or direct connectivity to a water tap. It can run without electricity and running water. The Portable Water Purifier series from Eureka Forbes comes with a four stage purification process thus removing complete contaminants and letting only pure water flow from the faucet. It is available in two models, viz. AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet and AquaSure Xtra. Both the AquaSure portable water purifier models are meagerly priced.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tricks to Consuming Healthy Drinking Water

What is desired by all today is healthy drinking water. There are still many regions in the country where water is scarce; leave the facility of running H2O being distributed to homes. Sources of H2O in these regions are not municipal treatment plants or bore wells but hand pumps in few regions and open ponds and lakes in most areas. During summers matters only turn worse. Availability of Drinking Water in India in such regions remains a big problem. During monsoon, many villages and towns become victims of flood with hardly safe water being available. Availability of healthy drinking water then becomes a far fetched affair.

For regions with scarce water with no pipe distribution facility and in flood affected areas, water purifiers that run without running H2O and electricity work wonders. All you need to do to let the systems work is just pour water into the tank no matter what the source is. At least you can then expect to consume healthy drinking water, which is free from disease causing contaminants. Two of these water purifiers worth mentioning are AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet and AquaSure Xtra. The latest purification technologies have been incorporated in these systems. At least four filter cartridges incorporated facilitates four-stage purification. These Water Purifiers can be carried anywhere and can be placed anywhere in your homes. No wall installations! With the use of these systems that are also very meagerly priced, at least healthy drinking water in India can be consumed by all.