Thursday, December 30, 2010

One of the best water purifiers

The use of drinking water purifiers is not a new phenomenon. People have been health conscious ever since they realized that most of the diseases are caused because of drinking unpurified water. Over time drinking water purifiers saw a transformation; thanks to the research efforts of manufacturers like Eureka Forbes.

Amid the best water purifiers by this Asia’s largest direct sales company, one product worth mentioning is the Aquaguard Total Sensa. It is the only purification system in the world to come incorporated with a blend of several purifying technologies - E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+. This feature lets the user purify any type of water in any area. The patented BluG technology is the distinctiveness here; it senses the quality of water, auto selects the best purification technology, and then purifies the water. There can be no other drinking water purifiers of other brands as hi-tech as the Aquaguard Total Sensa.

For such an advanced purification system, the price tag is Rs. 17,900. The water you get from the faucet comes with the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity - perfectly balanced, with the right amount of minerals and salts. Weighing 12.26 kg, it is available in the comfort of your home through the trained direct sales specialist of Eureka Forbes; book for a home demo at its corporate site or dial the company’s helpline number.Today some of the best water purifiers come from the house of Eureka Forbes.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aquaguard Total INFINITI and Safe Water

Consuming safe water is a necessity today and it can be facilitated only with the use of water purifiers. If you and your family members often fall ill and if you are not using any water purifiers or using a conventional system, you are actually becoming victims of water borne diseases. Given the alarming increase in pollution levels in water you cannot expect to drink safe water if the purifying system is not advanced. One company trusted by millions of users across the country is Eureka Forbes. The series of water purifiers by this company are true examples of innovation and high technology. The company has won a number of awards for contributing towards facilitating people drink safe water using its water purifiers.

One of the water purifiers often mentioned in many a review on web posted by users is the Aquaguard Total INFINITI. This system is available at the comfort of one’s home; all you need to do is place an order online or dial 3988 3333 for the same. The company facilitates consumers to have a free home demo performed. This water purifier is powered with the advanced Intell e-boiling+ technology, ensuring that the water is doubly purified; what you get from the faucet is thus 100% safe water.

Another distinctive feature of the Aquaguard Total INFINITI is incorporation of Nano Silver Activated Carbon Block which has been developed in collaboration with IIT-Chennai. It ensures that the water purified is lead and pesticide safe.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Total Protec+ reverse osmosis water purification system

Here is one reverse osmosis water purifier by Eureka Forbes called the Aquaguard Total Protec+ that comes with several advantageous features. The company is reputed for launching of innovative purifying systems and this product is one such example of innovation. With dimensions at 265 x 395 x 422 mm and weighing 10.4 kg, 10 litres/hr flow rate, TFC spiral RO membrane, and priced at Rs. 13,500, it is worth the buy.

The features of this reverse osmosis water purifiers that are often spoken volume by users in reviews are as follows:
•Multi-stage purification involving use of particulate filter and clarity cartridge
•Enhanced membrane life with electronic membrane life enhancer
•Post taste enhancer, removing residual organic impurities and reviving original taste
•Removable tank cover and a special cleansing solution for cleaning the tank
•Elimination of tough new-age contaminants like pesticides, lead, and heavy metals.

There are many consumers who happened to buy this reverse osmosis water purifier after meeting health ambassadors from Eureka Forbes who visit homes. And if health ambassadors have not yet visited your home, you can book a home demo of the reverse osmosis water purification system at the company’s corporate site. Booking online right away will require you to pay Rs. 2,700 in advance or the complete amount and you will receive the product at your doorstep within the committed time frame. You may also dial 3988 3333 for the same; it is accessible 24X7.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Water purifier from the house of Eureka Forbes

There are countless types and models of water purifier systems in the market. It is no easy task choosing the best, one that suits your water type and requirements and that which also gels well with your kitchen d├ęcor. Yes, if you know about the dominant water purification system brand one that is reputed in the market for reliability, hi-technology, effective purification, and related factors, you can go for it. All you need to do is visit its corporate site and take a tour of the various water purifier systems and accordingly choose one. In the Indian market of water purifier systems, it is Eureka Forbes that is ruling the roost; you will find the Aquasure brand of this company if you are interested to buy it from a retail store.

The AquaSure 3PCTi Storage water purification system is often spoken volume in many a Eureka Forbes Aquasure review. This multi stage purification system is backed by latest technological innovation, protecting you and your family against any water borne diseases. Here is a list of few of the features of this water purification system:
• 100% chemical free purification
• Automatically shuts off when the useful life is over
• Double storage; 9 liters at the top and 11 at the bottom
• Removes all disease causing micro organisms
• Doesn’t require electricity supply to run
• Doesn’t require continuous tap water supply.

Visit your nearest retail store and get your water purifier systems today!

Monday, December 20, 2010

UV and RO water purifiers from Eureka Forbes

Advertisements on water purifiers on television and print media exhibit superiority besides promising effectiveness on the purification mechanism. There are many who are influenced by such advertisements. Yes, this is no doubt true that you will come across ads of a particular reputed brand, one that has been able to earn the trust of millions of users for several years consistently. In the water purification systems segment encompassing UV water purifier, RO water purifiers, etc., you can completely bank upon Eureka Forbes. This is one company that has been ruling the hearts of over 8 million consumers since 28 years. Innovative features, hi-technology, superlative quality, effective purification, excellent after sales service are only few of the lineaments that make Eureka Forbes a leader in the water purifier segment in India.

For UV water purifier by this company, especially of the AquaSure brand available at retail stores, you can choose any of AquaSure Crystal, AquaSure Ivory Dx, AquaSure Storage UV, and AquaSure Aquaflow Dx. Each UV water purifier aforementioned is a true epitome of years of research.

Amid the RO water purifiers of the AquaSure brand, you may opt buying either of AquaSure Elegant DX, AquaSure Elegant RO, and AquaSure Nano RO. To have a look at the images, features, technical specifications, and price of the said RO water purifiers, visit the company’s corporate site. You may also book for a home demo of your desired system no matter whether it is RO or UV.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Drinking water purifiers by Eureka Forbes

I don’t think so there are any other series of the best water purifiers than those of Eureka Forbes. Well, the countless comments and reviews posted by real users on web validate the fact. It is not only at our home but also at my relatives’ places that drinking water purifiers by this company are being used. And it is now almost five years; earlier we used the conventional water purifiers. After our family doctor recommended the use of advanced drinking water purifiers that we changed the systems; this is because according to him the diseases that one member or the other suffered from are water borne. And he was right! Once we started using the hi-tech reverse osmosis water purification system, the journey of a healthy life started in the true sense of the term.

We are using the Aquasure Elegant DX, one of the best water purifiers in the reverse osmosis category that Eureka Forbes has launched in the market. This is no advertisement for this company; when you will actually start using Eureka Forbes drinking water purifiers, even you won’t stop yourself from speaking volume about this market leader.

Be it at my maternal uncle’s place or paternal uncle’s home or our home, reverse osmosis water purifiers have truly facilitated our healthy existence. With a storage capacity of 8 litres, the Aquasure Elegant DX fittingly serves the best water purifiers a needs of every member and guest! The 5-stage RO purifier reduces TDS by 90%.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Safe water from a UV water purifier

In the highly polluted environ, you cannot expect drinking safe water unless it is purified. It is not only purification that matters. The water purifiers used do matter to determine how safe the purified water is. Conventional water purifiers cannot guarantee the flow of 100% safe water from the faucet. Choose a hi-tech system, preferably a reputed brand that is known for quality, technology, innovation, and effectiveness. You can get a blend of the aforesaid four factors in water purifiers by Eureka Forbes.

As water in our area is full of micro organisms as per the test report of the water of our tap at the nearest lab, use of a UV water purifier was recommended. We did a lot of research on water purifiers so that we get value from our investment. Our main concern is drinking 100% safe water. After reading reviews, we finally chose to buy the AquaSure Ivory Dx UV water purifier by Eureka Forbes. This three stage UV water purification system effectively deactivates the DNA of harmful micro organisms like bacteria, virus, etc.; few features worth mentioning are sure-safety lock, in-built voltage stabilizer, electronic monitoring system, and high flow.

The price of this UV water purifiers is only Rs. 6,490. We bought it from the nearest consumer durable retail store. There are other models of water purifiers in the UV category by this company, the features, price, and technical specifications of which are displayed at its corporate site.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wide usage of reverse osmosis filtration systems

The wide and popular usage of the reverse osmosis water purification systems is well evident in the availability of a number of brands and models besides the countless comments and reviews on web posted by users. If you want to gain information on how the reverse osmosis filtration system works or when should one use it and more, a few clicks of the mouse will immediately transport you to numerous links with each link containing a wealth of information.

The concept of the use of the reverse osmosis water purification mechanism has gained huge momentum in India because water in most of the areas is high in TDS content and such a mechanism is recommended for use to get the water effectively purified.

Eureka Forbes is a dominant company in the Indian market in the segment of water purifiers, not to mention about the series of the reverse osmosis filtration systems available under its two brands. You can get the Aquasure brand at organized retail outlets. One Aquasure reverse osmosis water purification system worth mentioning is the Elegant RO priced at Rs. 9,990. Weighing 8.5 kg, with dimensions 360 x 235 x 430 mm, this 5-stage RO purifier removes unwanted salts and impurities, allowing only sweet and pure water flow from the faucet.

The TDS gets reduced by 90%. There are several advantageous features of this reverse osmosis filtration such as manual flush, micro switch, auto shut off, and the list goes on.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aquaguard water purifiers

Aquaguard is a brand well imprinted in the minds of users and non-users of water purifiers alike. In the Indian market, it is the Aquaguard that has revolutionized the concept of drinking 100% pure and safe water. Thanks to the efforts of Eureka Forbes; the company’s health ambassadors visit millions of Indian homes to spread the message as well as sell effective water purifiers right at the doorsteps.

They perform a home demo of the desired water purifiers facilitating users do away with the hassles involved in procuring the same from the market. People have also known that Aquaguard as a brand needs no introduction; without a second thought, they bank upon the water purifiers of this brand.

Water purifiers of different purifying mechanisms in varying models are available in the house of Eureka Forbes. Right from small sleek models to those with big storage capacities, you can procure any; each system ensures flow of 100% safe water from the faucet. The Aquaguard Total Miracle water purifier is often the talk of the town and in web.

This heavy metal remover weighing only 1.5 kg with dimensions 330 mm x 135 mm x 135 mm is a little wonder! Presence of new age contaminants like lead, iron, arsenic, etc. is common in areas where industry units are located. Consumption of these contaminants via water may affect the digestive system including the central nervous system and liver. You can get rid of these contaminants with the use of this water purifier.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brand value in water purifiers and vacuum cleaners

Brand value does matter a lot in the home consumer durable products segment today. When there are numerous brands available in the market, consumers are spoilt for choices. The key characteristics given importance while choosing a brand is the quality, technology incorporated, durability, maintenance factor, after sales service support, and more. No matter whether it is a water purifier or a vacuum cleaner or other durable products, these factors are always taken into account by conscious buyers.

And if any dissatisfaction arises, consumers never hold back to voice their comments on web. You will majorly come across the Eureka Forbes water purifier and the Forbes & Euroclean brands of vacuum cleaners in blog and review forums. Eureka Forbes is a market leader in the segment of water purifier, vacuum cleaner, security systems, and air purifier. There can be no reviews or comments without mention of Eureka Forbes.

Forbes and Euroclean by Eureka Forbes are two different brands of vacuum cleaners. The Euroclean vacuum cleaners are available at the comfort of your home via trained company specialists who also perform home demonstration of the products familiarizing the consumers with the working mechanism. You may dial …. to order it or book the same online at the company’s corporate site. The Forbes brand of vacuum cleaners is available at modern organized retail outlets and home appliance stores. The water purifier by this company is also available in two brands via direct sales and retail stores.