Friday, March 30, 2012

Pure Water and Technologies/Solutions from Eureka Forbes

When we say ‘pure water’, the image of this elixir of life flowing from the faucet of an advanced water purifier comes to our mind. And when we say purifier, we get robotically transported to the world of Eureka Forbes. The first domestic water purifier introduced in the Indian market was the Aquaguard by Eureka Forbes in 1982. For 30 plus years now, millions of people are drinking pure water using advanced purifiers from this company. Today, Eureka Forbes has over 8 million families using its series of purifiers.

Aquaguard is Eureka Forbes’ flagship brand. It is one of the largest selling Water Purifiers in the world. You will find an expansive range of technologies and solutions, addressing every type of water quality and purification conditions. Here is a list of the Aquaguard pure water systems:

·Blend: Total Sensa, Total Duo, Total Protec Plus

·RO: Total ENHANCE, Total Reviva, Total Atom

·UV: Total INFINITI, Classic, Compact, Booster, Hi-Flo, VERVE

·AquaGuard Ultra Filtration water purifier.

Endorsement by the Indian Medical Association proves the superlative quality feature of each of the aforesaid Pure Water system. Besides, Aquaguard has been conferred with numerous Indian and international awards; worth mentioning are Superbrand, Platinum Brand in Asia (Reader’s Digest), Best Complete Water Solution Provider (UNESCO-Water Digest), and more.

It is not just the ‘buy-sell’ relationship that Eureka Forbes maintains. It maintains a relationship for life. You can always expect to get prompt and effective after sales service support for your Aquaguard water purifier.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Amrit with Kitanu Magnet and Xtra from AquaSure

The statement ‘water is life’ is no longer true unless you use a water purification system at home, especially one that comes equipped with advanced technology. But not everyone can buy advanced purifiers. For many these are expensive possessions. Not every home has running water. And there are many homes that do not have electricity. And yes, there are families who are concerned about keeping the electricity bills low. Eureka Forbes has developed Water Purifier series even for the low budget pockets, systems that can run without electricity and running water. These are available under the AquaSure brand at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets.

AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet and AquaSure Xtra are the two purifiers from AquaSure that do not require electricity or running water for their functioning. Both the systems come equipped with advanced technology; contaminants including harmful disease-causing bacteria and viruses get removed during the purification process. If you still don’t have an advanced water purification system installed in your kitchen, get any of the aforesaid. Yes, water flowing from the faucet of the systems is as pure as boiled water.

Food grade non-toxic engineering plastics are used as material of construction of each of the aforesaid water purifier. Incorporation of multiple filter cartridges ensures that you have access to safe water always. Do change them when their useful life gets over.

AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet Water Purification System is priced at Rs. 2,250. AquaSure Xtra water purifier is priced at Rs. 1,490.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Healthy Drinking Water And Filters

Access to healthy drinking water is a basic necessity of life. Even the Constitution of India considers it the people’s right to have access to healthy drinking water. This is the reason why the government is continuously spending huge revenues towards realizing this objective. After all it is consumption of safe water that will let you lead healthy lives.

Think about pure water filters in India and it is Eureka Forbes that will strike your chords. Yes, this is the company that has been riding herd for 30+ years, catering to over 8 million satisfied users. Safe Water is what you get from every filter from this company. In the blend category, one of the pure water filters in India worth mentioning is Aquaguard Total Protec Plus (RO + UV). Not only are TDS levels lowered to acceptable standards, harmful micro organisms removed but also new age contaminants and dreaded heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury get eliminated during the purification process. It is the six stage filtration process that makes it happen. Every drop of water flowing from it is safe water. Medium and big families can go for this system; its storage capacity is 10 liters.

One of the pure water filters in India that is one of its kind in the world is Aquaguard Total Sensa. This Healthy Drinking Water purifier comes equipped with clarity cartridge, pre active silver carbon cartridge, electronic membrane life enhancer, RO membrane, post active silver carbon cartridge, ultra filtration cartridge, and UV lamp.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Purifiers And Effectiveness Of Purity

Water purifications have become indispensable necessities of our daily lives. You cannot compromise on your health, take risks on your immune system or end up staying bed-ridden owing to water borne diseases. Researches have proven that 80 percent of the existing diseases are water borne. This is the reason why use of Water Purifiers is gaining fast impetus. When we speak about brands in water purifier systems, it is Eureka Forbes that is the market leader. In India alone, this company has over 8 million users. In no time will this company reach the 10 million mark!

Types of machines used for water purifications do determine the effectiveness of the purity and quality of water flowing from the faucet. In areas were water is hard or TDS (total dissolved solids) is high, you will need RO water purifier systems. In areas where micro organism level is high, you will need UV water purifiers. In few areas you may need an ultra filtration system. Then there are storage systems that also serve the purification purpose. Those who have a low budget can go for storage water purifier systems.

Here is a Water Purifications system from the house of Eureka Forbes that can be used in any location no matter what the H2O type is. No testing of the tap H2O! Auto selection of the right purification technology happens by itself. It is the Aquaguard Total Sensa. It is the world's only purifier equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Electronic Security System and Home Water Purifier

Are you using an electronic security system at your home? Are you using an advanced home water purifier? Well, these are must-have necessities today. Safety and security of your home from intruders and health of your family members do matter. Get electronic security system and home water purifier from Eureka Forbes. You will not regret as this company has maintained a track record for over 30 years now for delivering the best in technology, quality, and innovation.

When we speak about electronic security system from Eureka Forbes, there are several integrated systems that can be bought. These include video door phones, ias-wireless, ias-wired, ias-hybrid panel, cctv, access control, biometric lock, and more. Take for example the color video door phone. Installation of this electronic security system in your home enables you to see and speak to your visitors, before granting them access to the sanctity of your home. Amazingly effective security and convenience is ensured. It comes with a remote door release button, letting you open your front door through the indoor unit. This unit can be installed anywhere in the house as per your convenience.

One home water purifier that is a buzz in the market is the Aquaguard Total Sensa. It is the world's only purifier equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies. Incorporation of these technologies ensures that no matter where you live it can purify any kind of water. To get this home water purifier and any of the aforesaid electronic security system, dial 3988 3333.