Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drinking water purifiers from Eureka Forbes

Looking for pure water filters in India? Have you heard about Eureka Forbes? If not, you are only not keeping pace with technology. It also suggests that you are using some conventional water purifiers only to find yourself and your family members becoming victims of water borne diseases. The world of pure water filters in India is identified with Eureka Forbes in the true sense of the term. This is also substantiated by reviews and blog posts on web. Do remember that your drinking water should always be pure. Water gets the more contaminated during rainy season. Hence, you need to be more cautious during this season.

When we speak about pure water filters in India, there are generally two common purification technologies involved not to mention use of cartridge filters in storage water filters. These are UV (for areas where micro organism level is high) and RO (for areas where TDS in water is high) water purifier.

Do not worry about UV or RO water purifier price. It has been designed to suit the pockets of all. Here is a list of Aquaguard RO water purifier price from the house of Eureka Forbes:
Aquaguard Total Atom: Rs. 8,490
Aquaguard Total ENHANCE: Rs. 11,990
Aquaguard Total Reviva: Rs. 10,990
Aquaguard Total Protec+: Rs. 13,990.

The aforesaid drinking water purifiers are available via direct sales right at your doorsteps. To know about Eureka Forbes’ other brand (available at retail outlets) of RO water purifier price, visit the company’s corporate site.