Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brand value in water purifiers and vacuum cleaners

Brand value does matter a lot in the home consumer durable products segment today. When there are numerous brands available in the market, consumers are spoilt for choices. The key characteristics given importance while choosing a brand is the quality, technology incorporated, durability, maintenance factor, after sales service support, and more. No matter whether it is a water purifier or a vacuum cleaner or other durable products, these factors are always taken into account by conscious buyers.

And if any dissatisfaction arises, consumers never hold back to voice their comments on web. You will majorly come across the Eureka Forbes water purifier and the Forbes & Euroclean brands of vacuum cleaners in blog and review forums. Eureka Forbes is a market leader in the segment of water purifier, vacuum cleaner, security systems, and air purifier. There can be no reviews or comments without mention of Eureka Forbes.

Forbes and Euroclean by Eureka Forbes are two different brands of vacuum cleaners. The Euroclean vacuum cleaners are available at the comfort of your home via trained company specialists who also perform home demonstration of the products familiarizing the consumers with the working mechanism. You may dial …. to order it or book the same online at the company’s corporate site. The Forbes brand of vacuum cleaners is available at modern organized retail outlets and home appliance stores. The water purifier by this company is also available in two brands via direct sales and retail stores.