Sunday, November 28, 2010

Water Purifier with 3G technology

Technology at its best is the buzzword in the engineering sector; the home consumer durable segment cannot be ruled out too. Have you heard about 3G technology being incorporated in a water purifier? Those who are using the Aquaguard reverse osmosis water purification system must be well aware of the fact. Well, guys I am delving on this water purifier by Eureka Forbes called the Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+. This next generation reverse osmosis water purification system comes equipped with the latest 3G technology.

With this feature, the membrane life gets electronically enhanced besides facilitating the elimination of chemical, physical, and microbiological contaminants. What about the tough new-age contaminants like heavy metals, lead, pesticides, etc. that are present in water and that which are harmful to health? Well, this water purifier removes them too. For big families, this should be the choicest water purification system with reverse osmosis mechanism because it comes with a storage capacity of 10 litres. No matter whether you have guests or hosting a party, you will never run out of pure water at your home!

Well, you need not visit a retail store to buy it. This water purifier is available in the comfort of your home through trained direct sales specialist of Eureka Forbes. Its home demonstration will further familiarize you with its working mechanism. Spending Rs. 13,500 is worth the investment! Well you can book the water purification system at the company’s corporate site for Rs. 2,700 only.