Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aquaguard Total INFINITI and Safe Water

Consuming safe water is a necessity today and it can be facilitated only with the use of water purifiers. If you and your family members often fall ill and if you are not using any water purifiers or using a conventional system, you are actually becoming victims of water borne diseases. Given the alarming increase in pollution levels in water you cannot expect to drink safe water if the purifying system is not advanced. One company trusted by millions of users across the country is Eureka Forbes. The series of water purifiers by this company are true examples of innovation and high technology. The company has won a number of awards for contributing towards facilitating people drink safe water using its water purifiers.

One of the water purifiers often mentioned in many a review on web posted by users is the Aquaguard Total INFINITI. This system is available at the comfort of one’s home; all you need to do is place an order online or dial 3988 3333 for the same. The company facilitates consumers to have a free home demo performed. This water purifier is powered with the advanced Intell e-boiling+ technology, ensuring that the water is doubly purified; what you get from the faucet is thus 100% safe water.

Another distinctive feature of the Aquaguard Total INFINITI is incorporation of Nano Silver Activated Carbon Block which has been developed in collaboration with IIT-Chennai. It ensures that the water purified is lead and pesticide safe.