Friday, December 17, 2010

Safe water from a UV water purifier

In the highly polluted environ, you cannot expect drinking safe water unless it is purified. It is not only purification that matters. The water purifiers used do matter to determine how safe the purified water is. Conventional water purifiers cannot guarantee the flow of 100% safe water from the faucet. Choose a hi-tech system, preferably a reputed brand that is known for quality, technology, innovation, and effectiveness. You can get a blend of the aforesaid four factors in water purifiers by Eureka Forbes.

As water in our area is full of micro organisms as per the test report of the water of our tap at the nearest lab, use of a UV water purifier was recommended. We did a lot of research on water purifiers so that we get value from our investment. Our main concern is drinking 100% safe water. After reading reviews, we finally chose to buy the AquaSure Ivory Dx UV water purifier by Eureka Forbes. This three stage UV water purification system effectively deactivates the DNA of harmful micro organisms like bacteria, virus, etc.; few features worth mentioning are sure-safety lock, in-built voltage stabilizer, electronic monitoring system, and high flow.

The price of this UV water purifiers is only Rs. 6,490. We bought it from the nearest consumer durable retail store. There are other models of water purifiers in the UV category by this company, the features, price, and technical specifications of which are displayed at its corporate site.