Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aquaguard water purifiers

Aquaguard is a brand well imprinted in the minds of users and non-users of water purifiers alike. In the Indian market, it is the Aquaguard that has revolutionized the concept of drinking 100% pure and safe water. Thanks to the efforts of Eureka Forbes; the company’s health ambassadors visit millions of Indian homes to spread the message as well as sell effective water purifiers right at the doorsteps.

They perform a home demo of the desired water purifiers facilitating users do away with the hassles involved in procuring the same from the market. People have also known that Aquaguard as a brand needs no introduction; without a second thought, they bank upon the water purifiers of this brand.

Water purifiers of different purifying mechanisms in varying models are available in the house of Eureka Forbes. Right from small sleek models to those with big storage capacities, you can procure any; each system ensures flow of 100% safe water from the faucet. The Aquaguard Total Miracle water purifier is often the talk of the town and in web.

This heavy metal remover weighing only 1.5 kg with dimensions 330 mm x 135 mm x 135 mm is a little wonder! Presence of new age contaminants like lead, iron, arsenic, etc. is common in areas where industry units are located. Consumption of these contaminants via water may affect the digestive system including the central nervous system and liver. You can get rid of these contaminants with the use of this water purifier.