Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wide usage of reverse osmosis filtration systems

The wide and popular usage of the reverse osmosis water purification systems is well evident in the availability of a number of brands and models besides the countless comments and reviews on web posted by users. If you want to gain information on how the reverse osmosis filtration system works or when should one use it and more, a few clicks of the mouse will immediately transport you to numerous links with each link containing a wealth of information.

The concept of the use of the reverse osmosis water purification mechanism has gained huge momentum in India because water in most of the areas is high in TDS content and such a mechanism is recommended for use to get the water effectively purified.

Eureka Forbes is a dominant company in the Indian market in the segment of water purifiers, not to mention about the series of the reverse osmosis filtration systems available under its two brands. You can get the Aquasure brand at organized retail outlets. One Aquasure reverse osmosis water purification system worth mentioning is the Elegant RO priced at Rs. 9,990. Weighing 8.5 kg, with dimensions 360 x 235 x 430 mm, this 5-stage RO purifier removes unwanted salts and impurities, allowing only sweet and pure water flow from the faucet.

The TDS gets reduced by 90%. There are several advantageous features of this reverse osmosis filtration such as manual flush, micro switch, auto shut off, and the list goes on.