Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why use a Water Purification System

Do you think spending Rs. 12,490 is too much for a water purification system? Let me share my own experience with you guys. Even initially I thought that it is too much spending for a water purification system. Well, we are a small family of three members; all of us often fell ill, more so during the rainy season; in a year’s time, we spent almost Rs. 30,000 on an average on doctors’ fees, medicines, and even hospitalization at times. It is after our family doctor advised us of using a water purification system that we gave priority of buying one at the earliest.

Our doctor even suggested us to use an RO water purifier; this is because he stays in the same apartment block where he stays. According to him, the tap water we receive is high on total dissolved solids (TDS) and that only RO water purifiers are effective in making the water fit and safe for consumption. He also suggested us to buy one of the Eureka Forbes RO water purifiers. According to him, this company has a series of the best water purifiers in its kitty.

That is how we landed up buying the Aquasure Elegant DX for Rs. 12,490. We now regret why we did not buy it before. We are noticing the difference with the negation of illnesses that used to attack us often. We feel our doctor has rightly advised us to buy one of the best water purifiers.