Friday, November 12, 2010

Consumption of electricity in water purifiers

Are you worried about the consumption of electricity in your water purifier? Well, if you buy water purifiers by Eureka Forbes, the consumption of electricity is negligible compared to any other electric equipment that you use. The Aquaguard water purifier by Eureka Forbes comes with only 25 watts, consuming one unit of current in 40 hours. With the one unit of electricity consumed you can get 4800 litre of water purified. And we happen to use only 20 litres of purified water every day; so, you can well imagine how much electricity your Aquaguard water purifier consumes everyday. As per the calculation, Aquaguard water purifier let you consume approximately 1.52 units per year. Of course, the figures may vary to a little extent depending on the model and the storage capacity you choose.

No matter whether you are using a reverse osmosis water purification system or a water purifier of some other mechanism, store the purified water in a cool and clean place preferably in glass or steel containers. Do also keep in mind to replace the stored water after two days. Avoid using ‘matkas’, as micro organisms easily breed here. If you are all geared up to buy a reverse osmosis water purification system or some other water purifiers, choose the models offered by Eureka Forbes. The brands by this company are reputed in the market for high quality, effectiveness in the purification, innovative technology, low maintenance, and excellent after sales service support.