Thursday, November 18, 2010

Importance of using advanced water purifications systems

It has been since my childhood that we have been using a drinking water purification system. I remember candle filters being used. With time, we have no doubt kept pace with the advancement of technology. Three years ago we bought the reverse osmosis filter system from Eureka Forbes. Ever since we started using this water purifications system, sickness reduced to a great extent; before almost every month one or two members of the family used to fall ill needing the doctor’s attention or hospitalization.

I am all thanks to Eureka Forbes. Aquaguard Total Reviva is the reverse osmosis filter system that we have been using. The key distinctive feature of this water purifications system is its effectiveness in removing harmful lead, a cause of brain damage, especially in young children. Besides, we get doubly benefited because during the purifying process, all disease causing micro organisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa, cyst including chemicals and pesticides are removed. Every drop of water that flows from the faucet of the reverse osmosis filter system is 100% pure and safe.

Our neighbor, seeing the effectiveness of our water purifications system bought the same system that we have. He also showed me the countless reviews and comments on the Internet posted by real users. This further geared him up to buy the product immediately. He visited the Eureka Forbes official website, got the Euro helpline, dialed it and got the drinking water purification within the specified 24 hours.