Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buying a Reverse Osmosis Filter System

While I was looking for reviews on reverse osmosis water purifiers, I majorly came across the Aquaguard Total Reviva. Actually I wanted to buy a reverse osmosis filter system and I thought a little research would help me buy the right product. This is what I do whenever I choose a brand and the associated product.

Well, I did read about other brands of reverse osmosis water purifiers, but Eureka Forbes is one name that I have been hearing when I was a kid. I could remember health ambassadors from this company knocking our doorsteps for performing a home demo of the reverse osmosis filter system. And amid the reverse osmosis water purifiers that they suggested, my dad bought one that met the needs of a big family, i.e. one with a big storage capacity. Shifted to another city on job purpose I felt the need of buying one. I thought why not try some other brand. But researches and reviews on the reverse osmosis water purifiers ultimately geared me up to buy the Aquaguard Total Reviva.

I know that the water in the area where I stay is high in TDS content and that only a reverse osmosis filter system is the right purifier that will effectively remove the contaminants.

I liked the following features in the Aquaguard Total Reviva:
• Unique membrane cleaning system
• Silver surety technology
• Enhanced booster pump
• Tamper-proof reject water valve
• Transparent tank
• Automatic water level sensor.