Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Innovative and effective water purifiers

There is one brand in the segment of water purifiers the name of which needs special mention. No matter whether you reside in the city or town or village, you do need a home water purifier for good health of yourself and your family members. I rely on only the home water purifier by Eureka Forbes. And like me, there are millions of Indian households that bank upon water purifiers by this company, deemed Asia’s largest direct sales entity in the said segment.

My colleague has been using a UV water purifier of this company since the last three years. He is very happy with the system. As it comes with an automatic shut off mechanism, letting the user know that the system needs a service support or some part needs to be changed, he is the least worried. And according to him, the after sales service support offered is excellent; his UV water purifier faced only three breakdowns in three years and every time, he placed the complaint, the request was processed promptly. It was through him that I came to know about water purifiers by this company. Moreover, I also read reviews and comments of users on the Internet. This is how I bought my home water purifier.

I visited the Eureka Forbes corporate site and requested for a home demonstration of the desired purifier. Within 24 hours, my request was processed. All thanks to Eureka Forbes for introducing such innovative and effective water purifiers.