Monday, January 9, 2012

Pure water and water purifiers

If you watch ads on TV, web, and the print media, you will come across water purifiers of different brands that promise flow of pure water from the faucets. Use of water purifiers is a must to lead a disease-free life.

When we speak about pure water and water purifiers, one company that flashes in the minds of one and all is of course Eureka Forbes. And one purification system worth mentioning is the AquaGuard Total Duo. This revolutionary RO+UV water purifier comes equipped with an advanced 6-stage purification process. What flows from the faucet is absolutely safe and pure water. While RO mechanism helps in elimination of disease causing micro organisms, lead, pesticides, heavy metals, excess TDS and other contaminants, UV technology automatically purifies the water periodically to prevent recontamination. UV purification also rids the water of micro organisms. Ensure availability of pure water using this purification system.

One feature makes the AquaGuard Total Duo unique amid the other water purifiers in the market. Of course, each of the water purifiers from Eureka Forbes is worth the buy. The unique feature in the Total Duo is its intelligent interface, i.e. four intelligent indicators for added convenience of getting pure water always. In case the UV lamp fails, the UV LED blinks. The power indicator illuminates to indicate faultless functioning of the electrical circuit. Purification begins after 30 seconds, once the switch is put on, if everything is fine. The tank full indicator illuminates to indicate when the tank is full.