Thursday, January 26, 2012

Low budget pure water filters from Eureka Forbes

There can be no better pure water filters in India than the series offered by Eureka Forbes. Maintaining a habit of drinking safe water should be the objective in every household. Yes, healthy drinking water matters for a healthy life. Unfortunately, not every household in India uses an advanced water filter. Though awareness about consuming safe water is spread on a large scale, yet many a home lacks access to healthy drinking water. And then there are areas where water is scarce.

Conventional purification systems cannot ensure flow of safe water from the faucet. Pollution levels have increased alarmingly and 80 percent of the diseases caused are due to the pollutants present in water.

Many are driven by the notion that advanced pure water filters in India are expensive. But it is not. There are low budget pure water filters in India from the house of Eureka Forbes that run without electricity and require no tap water as well. Eureka Forbes caters to the need of all sections of the society making available healthy drinking water for all. Get your pure water filter from Eureka Forbes and start drinking safe water.

I have come across a neighbor who, as part of social responsibility, donates at least two pure water filters a month to the needy. His choice is either the AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet or AquaSure Xtra, both low budget systems but guarantee purification effectiveness. Flow of safe water from the faucets is assured; they require no running water or electricity.