Wednesday, December 28, 2011

AquaSure Nano RO and other water purifiers

The term ‘nano’ finds mention in water purifiers too. Yes, I am delving on the AquaSure Nano RO, one of the best RO water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes. Users have spoken dimensions about this RO system and more other Eureka Forbes water purifiers on purification effectiveness not to mention advanced technology incorporated, innovative features, and superlative quality of the body and cartridges.

Each of the Eureka Forbes RO water purifiers comes with multi stage purification mechanism and the AquaSure Nano RO is no exception. Few of the features of this purifier worth mentioning are removal of all pollutants, micro switch float to avoid overflow, manual flush facility, energy saver mode, in-built voltage stabilizer, 90 percent TDS reduction, 500 -2000(mg/l) TDS support, and use of TFC spiral RO membrane. At 198 x 281 x 413 mm dimensions and 7.1 kg weight, it is priced at only Rs. 8,990.

It is not only RO water purifiers that identify AquaSure. There are various other categories of water purifiers under the AquaSure brand. Here is a list of the same:
· UV: Crystal, Elite UV, Smart UV, Aquaflow Dx
· Storage: Amrit with Kitanu Magnet, Xtra
· AquaSure RO+UV Water Purifier

Other AquaSure RO water purifiers other than the Nano RO include AquaSure Spring fresh DX and AquaSure Elegant RO. Detailed description, image, price, specifications of each of the aforesaid systems can be viewed at These water purifiers are available at leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets.