Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aquaguard Ultra – One of the most popular water purifiers

You cannot think of leading a healthy life without use of water purifier systems. From the very simple and relatively inexpensive to the sophisticated ones, buyers will only be spoilt for choices. Of course, simple ones will cost less compared to the sophisticated ones. When opting for a reputed company like Eureka Forbes, it doesn’t matter whether you buy a simple or sophisticated one. All water purifiers from Eureka Forbes guarantee purification effectiveness. In the low budget category, one of the most used water purifier systems from Eureka Forbes is the Aquaguard Ultra. The specialty about this system is that it filters impurities even in the molecular range, including bacteria, virus, cysts, etc. It comes equipped with an ultra filtration membrane with 0.01 micron pore size that acts as a molecular sieve. Price of this purifier is only Rs. 5,990.
Eureka Forbes has a range of low-cost water purifiers that require no electricity to run them. The Aquaguard Ultra belongs to this category. It has a high storage capacity of 8 litres and works even with loft tanks. With dimensions (W x D x H) at 320 x 275 x 410 mm and weighing 5.5 kg, its design aesthetics complement with the modern kitchen décor.

Purification of this water purifier system happens in four stages involving use of four filter cartridges, viz. sediment filter, pre carbon, UF membrane (as aforementioned) and post carbon. Life of the filters is around 6000 liters. You thus get pure water from the faucet for months together.