Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pure water and AquaSure storage water purifiers

100 percent chemical free purification giving not just safe but pure water, double storage in top and bottom containers with total storage of 20 liters, natural shut off thereby monitoring purification and gradually shutting off when the useful life is over – these are about this low-cost highly effective water purifier from Eureka Forbes called AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet. This water purifier conforms to IS: 10500 – 1991 standards. No bacteria, no virus, no cyst; what you get is only pure water for a healthy life. Yes, it again not only gets the water ridden of disease causing micro organisms; all other new age pollutants also get eliminated. You can always expect to get pure water from the faucet. One point to be noted here is about the filter cartridge. It becomes ineffective once the water purifier filters around 750 litres of water. So, to get continuous pure water, do get it changed once you have purified the aforesaid quantity.

This water purifier requires no boiling, no electricity, and no running water. So, worry not if you do not receive running water. It is priced meagerly – Rs. 1,990.

Another low cost highly effective water purifier worth mentioning that facilitates flow of completely pure water from the faucet is AquaSure Xtra. It is priced at only Rs. 1,490. Cartridge life is 1500 litres. At 18 litres storage capacity, it comes with a four stage purification process. To have a detailed look at the description and features of this and more purifiers, visit