Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Technological features of AquaGuard Total Sensa water purifier

A healthy balance of natural minerals retained, TDS levels reduced to acceptable standard, sweet taste, 100 percent purity ascertained – these are features facilitated by SMP+ technology incorporated in the AquaGuard Total Sensa water purification system. There are many more technologies incorporated in this water purifier. Do you know it is the only one of its kind system in the world introduced by Eureka Forbes? A household identity, Eureka Forbes has always introduced path breaking technologies to the consumers’ advantage.

The patented intelligent BLuG technology in AquaGuard Total Sensa water purification system allows it to sense the quality of water and accordingly auto select the best purification technology. The revolutionary UF (capillary tube based) technology turns the water crystal clear and tasty. Another feature in the water purifier worth mentioning is Intell E-boiling +, a world renowned UV purification process that eliminates disease causing bacteria, virus including cysts, ensuring that every drop of water is as safe and pure as water boiled for 20 minutes. Electronic MLE helps preventing the accumulation of dissolved salts, like calcium and magnesium, thereby improving water flow and enhancing membrane life.

Flow of water during the filtration stage is monitored by water flow sensor in Total Sensa water purification system, thus ensuring protection of the equipment. If the desired flow of water is not met, the sensor refrains from switching it on. Level of water in the tank is maintained by the water level sensor. To explore more features of the AquaGuard Total Sensa water purifier, visit eurekaforbes.com.