Monday, December 12, 2011

Purification effectiveness guaranteed with Eureka Forbes purifiers

The world of water purifiers would seem incomplete without mention of Eureka Forbes. This is the company that first introduced domestic water purifiers in the Indian market. There are over 23 water purifiers to choose from under two different brands. So, you need not compare brands to take a wise buying decision in getting the right water purifier. You will be spoilt for choices comparing Eureka Forbes models only, available under different categories. Each of the water purifiers from Eureka Forbes guarantees purification effectiveness.

When we speak about RO water purifiers under the AquaGuard brand, you will come across four models, viz. Total Enhance, Total Reviva, Total Protec+, and Total Atom. Innovative and groundbreaking technologies are blended with RO facilitating users to lead healthy lives. And RO water purifier price of each model is low on the pocket. Of course the RO water purifier price of the aforesaid models differs in terms of specifications, storage capacities, and features. Take for example, the Total Enhance. This is the only RO purification system in India that lets you save 30 percent water, which otherwise gets wasted. Given this pioneering feature incorporated nowhere else, this RO water purifier price is fixed at Rs. 11,990, which is but meager. It is worth the buy. Then Reviva comes equipped with ‘reviva’ technology that helps remove harmful lead, a cause of brain damage in young children. Every drop of water that flows from the faucet of a Eureka Forbes water purifier is absolutely pure and safe.