Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One of the Best Water Purifiers from Eureka

When we speak of the best water purifiers in the reverse osmosis segment, which models of which brands flash into the mind? Be it any purifying mechanism and not only reverse osmosis, it is the series of water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes that no wonder holds the place as the ‘best’. Read any reviews and comments and you will majorly come across this company.

Amid the reverse osmosis water purifiers that are available via direct sales, the ultra compact Aquaguard Total Atom is worth mentioning. Specially designed for areas with hard water, this system comes with a 5-stage purification technology. Filter cartridges incorporated are pre filter, clarity cartridge, organic remover cartridge, TFC spiral RO membrane, and taste enhancer cartridge. Use of all these filters ensures that the water goes through five different stages of purification and what you ultimately get from the faucet is 100% safe and pure water.

Do not go for reverse osmosis water purifiers with single stage purification involving the use of only the RO membrane. This is because the membrane cannot rid the water of all the contaminants; moreover its life gets threatened, i.e. you will need to change it fast. Most users in reviews have spoken volume about this system as one of the best water purifiers. It comes with a storage capacity of 4 litres and is affordably priced at Rs. 8,490. At 281 x 198 x 413 mm dimensions, it weighs 7.1 kg.