Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Best Storage Water Purifier

So, you are looking towards buying the best water purifier. You need not worry when Eureka Forbes is there. Continuous research and development happens at Eureka Forbes due to which features and technical specifications in the existing series of the water purifier witnesses further change in sync with the latest technology. This is why every water purifier from Eureka Forbes is the best water purifier in the true sense of the term.

In the storage series, one water purifier worth mentioning is the AquaSure Storage. The advanced technology that it comes equipped with facilitates it to get the water rid of harmful bacteria and viruses including other contaminants, ensuring that you get completely safe and pure water. It is meagerly priced suiting the pockets of all. Paying Rs. Rs. 2,990 is worth it.

It is available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets. The low price tag does not mean that innovative features are not incorporated nor are quality components used. There are reasons why many a review deems it as the best water purifier. Here are few of the advantageous features:

• 300 x 300 x 600 mm dimensions
• 3.46 kg weight
• Design goes well with kitchen decor
• Unique five stage purification
• No electricity is required to run the system
• Comes with water level indicator
• 3000 litre cartridge life
• 2 way tap to monitor flow
• 25 litres capacity
• Float to avoid overflow.