Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aquaguard Total Sensa Water Purifier

The world’s only water purification system equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies indeed comes from the house of Eureka Forbes. It is the Aquaguard Total Sensa. The technologies incorporated in this water purifier enables it to purify any type of water no matter whether it is full of total dissolved solids or micro organisms or new age contaminants and what not! Pollution levels have increased alarmingly and Eureka Forbes has solutions to this problem. With research being an on-going process, each water purification system developed comes incorporated with innovative technologies and features facilitating effective purification thus facilitating people live the healthy way.

The distinctiveness in the Aquaguard Total Sensa water purifier is its patented BluG technology. During the purification process it senses the quality of water, auto selects the best purification technology, and accordingly purifies the water. You do gain a competitive advantage using this water purification system as you get the triple benefits of sweetness, minerals and purity – water that is 100% pure and perfectly balanced with the right amount of salts and minerals.

Procuring the Aquaguard Total Sensa water purification system is easy. You may either dial the Eureka Forbes helpline number or log in to its corporate site where you can have a detailed look at the description, features, and technical specifications. It is priced at Rs. 17,900. For booking, you can pay only Rs. 3000 online and pay the rest of the amount by cash on delivery.