Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AquaSure Nano RO system

The term ‘Nano’ is not only restricted to the world of automobiles; you will also find this terminology in the segment of RO water purifiers. Well, we are talking about the AquaSure Nano, one of the widely used RO water purifiers in India. To have a detailed look at the description, price, features, technical specifications, and more, just visit eurekaforbes.com. The system is available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets. No doubt you will come across numerous RO water purifiers in the market but what matters is choosing the best. There is no dearth of information online. Real users leave real comments and reviews on web, narrating about their experiences besides features, specifications, etc. on the water purifiers they are using. So, read and get the right system.

The AquaSure Nano RO system comes equipped with a five stage RO purification mechanism removing unwanted salts and impurities. What you get from the faucet is only sweet, pure drinking water free from all harmful micro organisms, dissolved particles, new age contaminants, and more. It is priced at only Rs. 7,990. Start your march towards good health investing in this water purifier. Here are few of the key features of this system:

•Cleaning of cartridge and its life enhancement happens with manual flush facility
•Comes with energy saver mode, which gets automatically activated if system is not operated for 10 minutes
•In-built voltage stabilizer; the purifier works even during voltage fluctuation.