Thursday, March 31, 2011

Consumption of Safe Water for Healthy Lives

Drinking safe water is the essence to leading a healthy life free from water borne diseases. And the water can be deemed safe water only if it is purified involving use of advanced water purifiers. If you think, without using water purifiers, you can still lead a healthy life with boiled water you are wide of the mark. You will have to boil the water for 20 minutes at least to get the germs deactivated not to mention the big fuel costs involved.

Health conscious individuals never take risks. They always stay updated with the latest technology using advanced water purifiers. Maintaining consumption of safe water, they no longer use the advanced water purifiers bought five-six years ago. They go for newer models that are epitomes of quality and up-to-the-minute technology.

One of the water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes that is a rage amongst users nationwide is the Aquaguard Booster. If there is no running water and water pressure in your area is low, you can go for it. The distinctiveness associated with the system is incorporation of e-boiling + technology, a unique SMPS system and an in-built water pressure enhancer.

Priced at Rs. 9,190 with 43 watts power rating and weighing 5.5kg, it is worth the value for money. If you purchase it online from the Eureka Forbes corporate site, you can book the same for Rs. 1800 and pay the rest of the amount by cash on delivery.