Monday, October 11, 2010

‘Friends for Life’ well exemplified

The phrase ‘Friends for Life’ that drives the corporate philosophy of Eureka Forbes is well realized. This is substantiated by the innovative and hi-tech home consumer durable products that it introduces in the market as well as the corporate responsibility drive that it has been following for over 28 years now. Right from installing free water purification systems in times of calamities to setting up of recreational parks for the elderly, the company has actively contributed towards the welfare of the society at large.

It is this very corporate philosophy that is the base of its series of the home water purifier that includes the UV water purifier including purification systems of other mechanisms. It has been advocated and recommended by doctors and water specialists over time and again that use of a home water purifier is a must to stay away from water borne diseases, which constitute 80% of all diseases. And you can bank upon Eureka Forbes for the best water purifier that well serves your health needs.

One UV water purifier that is considered the best water purifier by many users on web is the AquaSure AquaFlow Dx. This multistage UV water purifier, available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets, is priced at only Rs. 4,990. It comes with in-built voltage stabilizer, dual cartridge life, hi flo mechanism delivering 2 ltrs water in a minute, and error indication signal alerting the user in case any error occurs.