Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aquasure UV Water Purifier

While I was looking for the Aquasure brand of UV water purifier at the Eureka Forbes corporate site, I happened to read the corporate responsibility section of the company. Well, this company is indeed ‘friends for life’ with a social cause too. During the Tsunami that devastated several places, Eureka Forbes installed high capacity water purification systems in 30 locations, working cooperatively with World Vision, a leading NGO.

I have been planning to buy a UV water purifier; after reading reviews and going through the features of purifiers online, I finally decided to buy the Aquasure brand. So, I bought the AquaSure Ivory Dx.

This three stage Aquasure UV water purifier is a true model of advanced technology that effectively kills harmful micro organisms ensuring the flow of100% pure and safe water from the faucet. Spending Rs. 6,490 for it is worth the buy – lesser than doctor’s fees and medicines incurred during a year! I got it from the nearest home appliance store.

Let me mention the key features of this Aquasure UV water purifier:

•It comes with ‘Sure Safety Lock’; the system will stop delivering water after 3000 ltr
•The in-built voltage stabilizer ensures functioning of the system even during voltage fluctuation
•‘Hi flo’ feature facilitates delivery of 2 ltrs of water in a minute
•Its electronic monitoring system helps delivery of pure water always.

Now I can assure myself and my family members of a great health ahead free from water borne diseases!