Friday, October 22, 2010

Low-cost hi-tech Water Purifiers

There are hardly any urban homes where water purifiers are not used. Thanks to health ambassadors from Eureka Forbes who visit homes directly to create awareness about the need to drink safe water besides performing home demonstration of the desired water purification systems. Consumers thus avail double benefits from the ambassadors, viz. knowledge about the water purifiers that should be used and getting the product right at home.

The hassles of visiting stores or dialing numbers to get the right water purifiers are thus negated. Various other awareness drives over the television, Internet, newspapers, etc. have further made not-so-conscious people aware that using advanced water purification system only can facilitate drinking of safe water. Eureka Forbes need no introduction; the 28 years of dominant market presence well validates the quality as well as hi-tech mechanisms incorporated in its range of water purifiers thus assuring healthy lives of the users.

Those who are looking for Eureka Forbes water purifiers that are very affordable can opt for the AquaSure Storage UV. Unlike direct sales, it is available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets. This 4 stage UV electric water purifier is priced at Rs. 3,990. The four stages of purification involved are:

• Particulate Filter for removing floating particles
• Sediment Filter for removing further floating particles
• Carbon Block for removing chemical and organic compounds
• UV Tech for eliminating water borne disease causing micro organisms.

Get it and start enjoying a healthy life!