Monday, August 13, 2012

Continuous Research for Introducing Breakthrough Purifiers

So many people today are aware about the quality of drinking water in India causing health problems. Yes, what you have heard about 80 percent of the diseases being water-borne is true. Now, knowing about this hazard, you will certainly not take risks. Do you know over 10 million households in India use water purifiers from Eureka Forbes? Yes, this is indeed a huge figure. Or you can say that Eureka Forbes is facilitating 10 million families consume healthy drinking water.

This company started its drive of spreading awareness about the condition of drinking water in India and the consequences thereafter after consumption, some thirty years ago. It presented solutions – Aquaguard Water Purifiers right at the consumers’ doorsteps. And people indeed welcomed the initiative. Not only has Eureka Forbes emerged as Asia’s largest direct sales company but also as an innovator and pioneer. Towards realizing its objective of making healthy drinking water available for people at large, this company is involved in continuous research introducing breakthrough purifiers from time to time.

Types of Drinking Water in India vary. At some places, it is salty and high in TDS while at few places it is high in harmful microorganisms. Industrial contaminants pollute the water at many places. Eureka Forbes has purifiers for every water type. What ultimately matters is getting healthy drinking water from the faucet. Send a sample of your tap H2O to the nearest water testing lab so that you know which type of purifier you should install in your kitchen.