Sunday, July 29, 2012

The best Water Purifier Under RO Category

It is but a fact that the best water purifier comes from the house of Eureka Forbes. The market leadership maintained since inception till date well validates it. Moreover, it was Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes that happens to be the first domestic Drinking Water Purification brand introduced in the Indian market. Whether you want a UF or UV or an RO or water softener system, you will get purifiers of every category from Eureka Forbes.

If you are recommended to use a water softener system, it will be wise on your part to use an RO system instead. Though both the types of purifiers serve almost the same purpose, scope of RO is wider. An RO system will not only treat hardness but also handle TDS levels besides removing all contaminants present including micro organisms.

Each Aquaguard RO system is the Best Water Purifier. There are four RO drinking water purification systems at present, viz. Total Enhance Green RO, Total Enhance RO, Total Enhance RO+, and Total Reviva. Pioneering features mark the distinctiveness of all the systems. While the Total Enhance series is the only one of its kind in India using which users can save 30 percent of water that otherwise gets wasted, Aquaguard Reviva comes equipped with a unique ‘reverse osmosis plus’ technology designed to remove harmful lead (a cause of brain damage in young children) during the purification process. Visit to view features and technical specifications of the purifiers. Alternatively you may dial 3988 3333 for the same.