Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Demand for Eureka Forbes Water Filters in India

Sales figures validate that demand for water filters in India is growing by the day. Thanks to the people’s increasing awareness about the fact that 80 percent of the diseases are water-borne and good health is ensured with the use of an advanced purifier. Wall-mounting, table-top, portable water purifier – these varieties are available in purification mechanisms ranging from RO, UV to UF, storage, and blends. Of course the more sophisticated systems with RO and other blend mechanisms will require you to get them mounted on the wall near your kitchen sink.When we speak about market players, it is Eureka Forbes that is the leader. This market leadership by Eureka Forbes has been maintained for the last 30 years ever since its inception. Its vacuum cleaners and water filters in India, Euroclean and Aquaguard respectively, have been deemed Superbrands – the highest awards conferred on consumer durable products. No wonder Eureka Forbes Water Filters in India will always remain a rage in the market, as proved by the last 30 years; thanks to the pioneering technologies, innovative features, superlative quality incorporated directed towards improving purification effectiveness.

If you enter the Eureka Forbes world of the portable water purifier, you will come across a couple of models. These are generally UV purification systems, which are endorsed by the Indian Medical Association including lakhs of doctors and certified by international labs. Details about the series are displayed at eurekaforbes.com. And yes, Eureka Forbes portable water purifier, an epitome of latest technology, is low priced.