Friday, August 17, 2012

UV Purifier for Taps with Low Water Pressure

Want precious minerals and nutrients to be retained and all contaminants flushed out during the drinking water purification process? This can happen with the Aquaguard Booster. This UV water purifier from the house of Eureka Forbes comes equipped with a unique mineral preserver system. This component releases electronic impulses, serving a dual purpose - preventing scaling of the quartz tube and retaining essential minerals and nutrients. E-boiling+ is one of the most hi-tech of features that this drinking water system comes incorporated with. It eliminates all disease causing microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, protozoa, cysts, etc. This feature ensures that H2O flowing from the faucet is as pure as H2O boiled for 20 minutes.

If you have heard about the intelligent purity sensor system in a Water Purifier, you will find it in the Aquaguard Booster. Scanning happens continuously ensuring flow of safe H2O. Worry not if there is no running tap H2O or if the H2O pressure is low. You can still continue to get pure water. Thanks to the in-built water pressure enhancer. This pure water system is a real booster in the true sense of the term.

To know about technical specifications of the Aquaguard Booster water purifier in detail, visit Here you can right away book it for Rs. 1800. The total price is Rs. 9,190; the rest of the amount should be paid at the time of delivery. All Aquaguard Drinking Water Purification systems are delivered at the consumers’ doorsteps in the specified time.