Thursday, June 7, 2012

Purifying Mechanism and Features of Aquaguard Enhance UV

The Enhance water purifier series from Eureka Forbes is the talk of towns and cities. In the RO category, you will come across three varieties of Enhance. And there is one variety in the UV category. It is Aquaguard Enhance UV. It is a blend of UV and UF mechanisms that is incorporated. This drinking water purification system, designed for areas with high level of micro organisms, comes with a six stage filtration process. Besides deactivating the harmful micro organisms, it also eliminates new age contaminants and dreaded heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury. It is a one of its kind UV drinking water system. Price of this drinking water purification system is a meager Rs. 11,990.

Enhanced Protection+ is the only feature available with Aquaguard Enhance UV Water Purifier; it helps in the removal of all new age tough contaminants. Here are more features of this drinking water system:
•Enhanced storage+, ensuring flow of pure water at all times
•Four smart LED and buzzer indicators for identification of power on/off, purification process, UV fault and power saver mode
•Smart auto-fill for automatic filling of water in the storage tank
•D-calcifier, a micro-controller based electronic impulse producer that prevents scaling on quartz glass tube of UV reflector housing
•Smart auto shut-off in case any problem is detected in the Drinking Water Purification system
•Two-way tap to control the flow of purified water from the faucet.

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