Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pure Water and the Aquaguard Enhance UV Water Purifier

What Eureka Forbes declares that the ‘not invented here’ syndrome does not apply with it, it is right. Many a water purifier from this company comes incorporated with ground breaking technology found nowhere else. After all, the company’s key objective is to let people lead healthy lives drinking absolutely pure water. For example, Aquaguard Enhance UV is a first among water purifiers introduced in the Indian market. It comes with a six stage filtration process ensuring complete protection from disease-causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa including new age tough contaminants and dreaded heavy metals like led, arsenic and mercury. It is 100 percent Pure Water that flows from this water purifier.

Here are few features of the Aquaguard Enhance UV water purifier:
•Enhanced Storage+ ensuring availability of pure water on tap at all times
•Power On/Off, Purification Process, UV Fault and Power Saver Mode Smart LED and Buzz Indicators
•Smart Auto-Fill ensuring automatic filling of pure water in the storage tank
•Micro-controller based electronic D-Calcifier for preventing scaling on UV quartz glass tube
•Smart Auto Shut-off and alert if any anomaly in the UV water purifier is detected
•Dual Flow Tap to control the flow of pure water from the faucet.

So, how do you go about ordering or requesting for a home demonstration of the Aquaguard Enhance UV Water Purifier? Dial 3988 3333 or visit Do get your tap water tested to know if you really need this water purifier. Because drinking pure water matters!