Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Many Solutions, One Company

Use of advanced water filters in India is gaining fast momentum. Thanks to the awareness drive created for the need to drink pure and safe water! It is Eureka Forbes that is the market leader, having over 8 million satisfied customers in the purifier segment alone. Most people are driven by the notion that most Water Filters in India do add to the electricity bills every month significantly. But this is a wrong notion. The series of water filters in India from Eureka Forbes consume less electricity compared to any other home electric equipment. The Aquaguard generally comes with a power consumption of 25 watts leading to consumption of only 1 unit current in 40 hours purifying 4800 liters of water during the period.

And yes, you can come across a series of portable water purifier from Eureka Forbes, which run without electricity and running water. Those who are in transferable jobs can get it carried anywhere without hassles and continue to drink pure water. AquaSure portable water purifier is a rage in the market. These are AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet and AquaSure Xtra. Price of the systems is meager to suit the pockets of all. Visit eurekaforbes.com to know in detail about the portable water purifier and all other filters from Eureka Forbes.

If you are using the Forbes vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes, worry not about it giving a shock when in use. Complete safety is ensured by the double insulation with PVC jacket it comes equipped with.