Sunday, June 10, 2012

Healthy Drinking Water and Aquaguard Series

Consumption of healthy drinking water is the key to leading healthy lives. Quality of drinking water in India from any source is not up to the mark. Purification is a must. And you will need advanced water purifiers. Even if water is treated in the municipal treatment plant, it is not healthy drinking water that will flow from your kitchen tap. This is because taps get rusted, your overhead tank may not be clean, and distribution pipes from treatment plant to your home may not be clean. Moreover, it is more of chlorinated drinking water in India that is made available from the municipal bodies. It needs further treatment at home involving use of advanced water purifiers.

Eureka Forbes has a system for every purification mechanism for treating drinking water in India in any region. Here are its Aquaguard Water Purifiers:
•Blend: Aquaguard Total SENSA, Aquaguard Total Protec Plus, Aquaguard Total DUO
•UV: Aquaguard Enhance UV, Aquaguard Booster, Aquaguard Compact, Aquaguard VERVE, Aquaguard Hi-Flo, Aquaguard Total INFINITI, Aquaguard Classic, Aquaguard Neo
•RO: Aquaguard Total Enhance Green RO, Aquaguard Total Enhance RO, Aquaguard Total Enhance RO+, Aquaguard Total Reviva
•UF: Aquaguard Ultra.

Send a sample of your tap water to the nearest lab so that you use a system that rightly meets the purification purpose. For treating hard water and high TDS, you will need an RO system. For deactivating harmful micro organisms, you will need a UV system. After all pure Healthy Drinking Water should flow from the faucet.