Thursday, August 26, 2010

The latest in water purifiers by Eureka Forbes

Have you ever come across water purifiers that are very trendy, and fashionable? Of course, this aspect is less important than the purification technique involved but when you get all parameters perfectly blended in the water purification systems, the search for the ultimate system stops. The latest amid the water purifiers by Eureka Forbes to hit the market is the AquaSure 3PCTi. This purifier is aesthetically designed besides being equipped with the most advanced purification technique and a host of related features.

Eureka Forbes is already a renowned name in the water purification systems segment. All its purification systems have been well accepted by the people; it is a blend of the technique and features marked by innovation that are the selling points. Today, Eureka Forbes water purifiers are used in millions of home across the country.

The AquaSure 3PCTi is accoutered with the following features:
• PCT for 100% chemical free purification
• Natural shut off when the useful life is over
• Double storage in top and bottom containers - total storage of 20 liters
• Removes all disease causing bacteria, virus and cysts
• Ensures complete freedom from all hassles of boiling
• No electricity required to run the water purification system
• It doesn’t require continuous tap water supply.

When these water purifiers needs no electricity or tap water supply, the advantage of using it even in areas where such facilities are not there, is well justified.