Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Best Vacuum Cleaner

When one goes to buy utility products or procures the same online, the first thing that crops up in the mind is that of getting the best. There are a particular section of people who go by the quality and the brand and not by the price because they know that durability, low maintenance, excellent after sales support, etc. are provided by reputed and reliable brands. In the area of vacuum cleaners, it is no doubt Eureka Forbes that is riding herd in the market. You can also request for home demonstration of the desired vacuum cleaners.

There are several vacuum cleaners that are considered by users as the best as evidenced by the countless comments and reviews posted on web. One such best vacuum cleaner is the Euroclean ACE. Weighing 6.6 kg and having 550 x 185 x 250 mm dimensions, it is powered with 2450 mm/wc for suction of motor, 230 V AC / 50 Hz of voltage, and 40 lt/sec of blower efficiency. Here are few of the features of this best vacuum cleaner:
• 6-stage air filtration
• Effective in removing dust mites
• Rust proof ensuring longer life
• Powerful dry vacuuming of 1400 watts
• Auto cord winder for easy storage
• Special carbon filter and anti-microbial treated particulate filters.