Monday, August 2, 2010

The Best Water Purifier

I have been staying in a rented accommodation sharing the room with a colleague of mine. We hail from the same village. After my friend was diagnosed with a water borne disease and had to be hospitalized for a week, we thought of buying a home water purifier. Someone suggested that we should get the tap water tested so that we can accordingly get the best water purifier as per the technology required. We did that and found it full of micro organisms. We were then prescribed with a UV water purifier.

My room mate did the right thing, i.e. reading reviews on web and going through the features of many a home water purifier in the uv category representing different brands. We even went to the nearest retail store that has in store several purification systems. We have already read about the AquaSure AquaFlow Dx in reviews as well as the Eureka Forbes corporate site and going online we found it to be the best water purifier. After we saw the system and felt it with our hands, we placed an order for the same.

This UV water purifier comes equipped with multi-stage purification mechanism with advanced technology, effectively killing harmful virus and bacteria. Here are few of the features of this home water purifier:

• 3-stage UV purification, viz. sediment filter, carbon block, and UV tech
• Inbuilt voltage stabilizer
• Dual cartridge life
• Energy saver mode
• Fast flow
• Error indication
• Forward flush to clean cartridge.